22 December 2010

Gearing up.

I'm trying to get/be ready to head to the farm. I'm not sure how well it's going. I've packed up some of the ingredients I'll need to make my chocolate stout cake and cheesy polenta. And, well, that's all I've done.

However! I did get my Christmas cards done. My gifts are wrapped. I don't have too much shit left to do. Some dishes. Packing. Probably other stuff.

Tonight I also voted on my Top 10 Songs for 2010 at The Current. That's a blog post waiting to happen. I'm debating whether to take my computer with me, but I'm thinking I won't. I have enough shit to haul as it is. Either way, that blog post is a project for next week.

Also, holy awesome Lame Duck Congress! I was so stoked to see the DADT repeal signed into law today and the votes coming up for the 9/11 responders bill and the ratification of the START treaty. There was a time when I didn't think any of those things were going to happen. They did, though, and I have a (momentarily) renewed faith in my party and my government. I think I'll need it in the coming months.

I should probably go do my dishes and try to pack a little bit of stuff tonight. Though, that's all I have to do tomorrow. I can pack while waiting for my hair to dry. It'll be multitasking! Yay me!

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