13 December 2010

Counting down.

Ugh. The first day of my last week of work in 2010 wasn't stellar. Work was worky and not completely horrible. I had to leave early to make sure I could get a parking spot. I'd say as much as one-third of the parking at our complex is gone. Cover with mounds of snow. Of course, this apparently gives people license to park like complete and utter jackasses. "Oh, well, there weren't any lines there. How was I to know that I was blocking all of those people in, other than to see that I was doing it and to not give a fuck because I apparently think I'm better than everyone else?"

I didn't get to work much earlier than normal, but I managed to get a parking spot. It's interesting how much difference a few minutes can make.

Leaving work is where things got MEGA SHITTY. It took 90 minutes for me to get from the office to home, with a stop to drop off Jen, who lives FIVE BLOCKS FROM ME. The streets are an absolute fucking mess.

Thank God Minneapolis declared a second snow emergency. It started at 9:00 tonight and I saw a considerable number of cars parked on Snow Emergency Routes on my way home from the gym shortly after 9:00. I wasn't feeling good that the city got the word out. Then I got home and saw cars being towed up the block, and I felt better.

I mean, there's only so much the city can do. There is just so much fucking snow. I am hoping against hope that they institute all-winter snow emergency parking after this second snow emergency. I've been on very few streets where two cars can meet (a bus and a car? FORGET IT) or a one-way street where two cars can pass with cars parked on both sides. It slows everything down so fucking much when you're constantly merging from two lanes to one and then back out and back in again.

Despite the god-motherfucking-awful commute home, my evening has turned out fairly well. I was able to get changed, have a snack and wrap a gift and leave the house within 25 minutes. I got in and out of Target fairly quickly. Even though it was 8:00 when I got there, I still did a quick workout (holy sore ass, Batman) and then stopped at the post office to mail my only out-of-state Christmas gift.

But wait -- there's more. Successfully completing all my chores would be a really sad reason for my evening to turn out well. It turns out The Bob Saget Fan Club has overcome it's mediocre season to win the division and make the playoffs. FUCK AND YES. My shitty, stitched-together team has made it! I think I only have to win one more game to win more money. I'm not holding my breath, though. I'm just happy to have made the playoffs again.

Also, I got a mega-sweet compliment on my cookies from Sarah, who is an incredible baker. Oh, and I got to see my neighbor Shiba when I had to go back outside and make a one-block round trip to get my forgotten Target purchases out of my trunk. I'd have left it, but I don't think the bananas and glass jar of salsa would have fared all that well. And there was the pretty dog!

Somehow, today ended up giving me faith that I can and will get through this week. And then it's two weeks of mostly doing whatever the fuck I want (baking and drinking, for the most part, I think). Four more days y'all. I can do this!


Reuben said...

4 days is all? You should go ahead and start the drinking now.

Jess said...

Oh, I've been drinking. Once I'm on vacation, it'll start in the afternoon. YAY VACATION DRINKING!