31 December 2010

Smell ya later, 2010.

It's been a pretty good year, but I'm ready ring in 2011. Hope y'all have a lovely last night of 2010 and I wish you all the best for the upcoming year.

29 December 2010

Not exactly photoblogging.

However, I have a few random pictures and I'm going to base a blog post on them. So there.


These deathcicles are located over my deck. Thankfully, I can't even get out to my deck, so I don't have to worry about these impaling me. However, there are deathcicles on the other side of the house as well. These deathcicles live directly over my only path to the rear of the building. This is where I need to go to do laundry and to take my trash out. I'm a little concerned about walking that path, to say the least.

While I was showering this afternoon, I heard some HORRIBLE noises coming from outside. Shit was crashing down from a considerable height. I thought someone threw a large object down the stairs from the back upstairs apartment. Or possibly that a person threw him or herself down. When I went to take my recycling out a short time ago (more on that later), I saw that some of the deathcicles had fallen. There was at least one that was the size of my thigh. And my thighs ain't little, y'all. On my return trip, I went two doors down via the alley and walked through a parking lot. No deathcicles there. So, if I mysteriously stop blogging, someone should drive by and make sure I'm not impaled by an enormous icicle.

Okay, back to the recycling. I've not taken it out in a while.

This is what happens when you drink a lot of Bota Boxes and use an enormous bag for your recyclables. That bag held my meals from Let's Dish! They are huge. Crazily enough, it didn't break on the way out to the trash. Whew! I'm pretty proud of myself for actually bundling up my cardboard for once. Yay Earth!

Speaking of the Bota Box, I've decided to bring one with me for New Year's Eve. Last year, I took a bottle of organic, sulfite-free wine. It didn't last long and that shit just ain't me. Since I don't have to make a first (or mostly second) impression this time, I figure it's better to bring more decent wine, than one bottle of snooty wine. I don't even think it was very good.

And speaking of New Year's Eve, I've been trying out eye makeup schemes the last couple of nights. I thought the super smoky eye I did today was just too much, but the picture doesn't look too crazy slutty/raccoon eyed. At least I don't think so. I was going to do my nails, too, but man, I don't have the energy to do that tonight.

I still have some time tomorrow before heading out for sushi happy hour. I'll try another option and maybe even get my nails done. HA! I'll be lucky if I get to the gym, for Christ's sake.

28 December 2010

We are (not exactly) the champions!

The game isn't over, but The Bob Saget Fan Club is up by 19 points on a team that won't score any more points this week, so I think it's safe to say, I have once again won money in fantasy football.

Like the other years I've missed out on the championship game, I've scored enough in my third-place game to outscore both participants in the Super Bowl. God. DAMMIT.

Still, a third-place finish from a stitched together (so described by The Boy I Currently Like's Better Looking Friend ... or possibly by The Boy I Currently Like) team with an 8-7 record is pretty sweet. I mean, there were a few weeks where I was starting the third-string running backs from Carolina and Indianapolis. My quarterback was benched a few games ago. The quarterback I drafted was out after the first game of the season.

I may or may not have laid much of the blame on The Boy I Currently Like last year for my first-ever non-playoff season. Whether he deserves it or not will forever be a question. Either way, I do so enjoy needling him for it. I was even doing it as recently as last night. It's not like he doesn't know what he's talking about -- he's in very good shape to win his Super Bowl tonight. And he wins a lot more money than I do. He even gets his money!

There was some talk on the league message board of getting people to pay up. I finished second two years ago and was still essentially playing with house money this year. Our fee was $50 and I had $48 due to me. I've got an additional $120 coming to me this year, for winning the division (finally, I was in the shitty division!) and finishing third. I doubt I'll see my money, but that means I'm playing for free the next two years. So, yay for that.

Now, I'll have to spend the next several months deciding who my keepers will be. We only get two, and I actually know that one will be Tampa Bay wide receiver Mike Williams. I took him with the very last pick in the draft, which makes him something like a free pick. My other keeper ... man, I don't know. We can't keep anyone from the first three rounds. Not a problem for me, because my first three picks were busts. I'm not sure there is really anyone else in there worth keeping. Eh, I've got months to ponder the issue.

For now, I shall enjoy my third-place finish. YAY Bob Saget Fan Club!

27 December 2010

Second verse, same as the first.

Week Two of vacation seems to be starting out much the same as Week One. Except I didn't go to the gym today. Oh, and I don't have to spend time with my family this week. I hung out with The Boy I Currently Like yesterday, so I didn't get home until like, 3:30 today. I try very hard to not work out in the evenings when I am on vacation.

The Boy and I exchanged Christmas gifts last night. In one sense, it was very Gift-of-the-Magi, because we got each other The Kids in the Hall Complete Series Megaset. When I ordered it for him, I had a very strong inkling that he might end up getting me the same thing. When I saw my gifts on the ottoman, I was about 98 percent certain.

He opened his first and laughed, but didn't actually give anything away. I opened mine last and couldn't hide that I had a feeling it was coming. It's an AWESOME gift. I've wanted it it for years. We started in on it last night and made a pact that we will tell each other what we watch, so we don't have to be repeating episodes when we're together unless we want to do that. And even if it is Gift of the Magi-y, I didn't have to cut off my hair and he didn't have to do whatever the guy did in the story (we couldn't remember).

In addition to the KitH awesomeness, he got me My First Bacon. It is delightful, y'all. I kept randomly making it talk all night and this morning. I fully intend to call him while he's at work at least once this week, and leave "I'm bacon. I'm bacon. I'm bacon." on his voicemail. And I will giggle my ass off while doing it.

I'd rather not talk about the two-pound bag of Jelly Belly's. If I leave them in the cupboard for a couple days it will be for the best. But they're so good. He did a great job. A really great job. I'm just waiting for the Wolves to finish and football to be over so I can watch the Sausages sketch. It creeps The Boy out.

Tomorrow will bring some work (though, I did start it late this afternoon). I also have to go to the gym, run errands and all that. Fortunately, I have fun stuff going on this week -- hanging out with Law Talkin' Gal to exchange gifts, sushi happy hour and other New Year's Eve Eve activities with KayGee, The Prison Librarian and W (and hopefully others), and of course, New Year's Eve. Apologies in advance, liver. But what better way to end the year and my last week of vacation than drinking and eating with many of the most awesome people I know in the world? Besides, I will have more baked goods to pawn off on people.

26 December 2010

You can all go straight to fucking hell.

Thanks, City of Minneapolis, for making me move my car yesterday and then not plowing my street. It's going to be delightful trying to get in and out of parking spots without getting stuck.

Look, I know there are almost certainly more pressing Snow Emergency routes around town, but you don't seem to have done much to any of them around here.

And thanks so very much to my motherfucking stupid asshole douchecanoe of a neighbor who had an entire street on which to park and decides to park right in front of my our sidewalk access. You fucking bastard.

25 December 2010

Quiet, calm and comfortable.

Car is safely stowed for the snow emergency. Clothes, food, Wii, etc. unpacked and put away. Laundry done. Freshly-waterproofed new snow boots curing outside the front door. Basketball, football, LOTR and Star Wars on TV. Blogger on couch. Wine glass full.

Regardless of whatever else has happened, all is now well.

24 December 2010

Better than last year.

We are about 34 minutes away from Christmas right now and I really must say it's going loads better than last year. I can't say for sure why -- I know a big part of it is that I chose to come down yesterday and neither weather nor my mom's insanity is necessarily keeping me here.

I even managed to go to church without too much heartache today. But I am almost 100 percent certain that I am coming home tomorrow. Why stay an extra day and risk horribleness?

There has been much awesome dog-petting time. The dog also got into a cheesecake while just me, my brother and SILTB were home. Why would we expect her to leave us to go eat a cheesecake sitting on the kitchen table? Two of her favorite people were in the living room! However, while I pet and cuddle the shit out of her, I don't give her food. (Though, I would if I could.)

I hope you are all having most excellent and happy times with your loved ones, be they family, friends, or both.

Merry Christmas!

22 December 2010

Gearing up.

I'm trying to get/be ready to head to the farm. I'm not sure how well it's going. I've packed up some of the ingredients I'll need to make my chocolate stout cake and cheesy polenta. And, well, that's all I've done.

However! I did get my Christmas cards done. My gifts are wrapped. I don't have too much shit left to do. Some dishes. Packing. Probably other stuff.

Tonight I also voted on my Top 10 Songs for 2010 at The Current. That's a blog post waiting to happen. I'm debating whether to take my computer with me, but I'm thinking I won't. I have enough shit to haul as it is. Either way, that blog post is a project for next week.

Also, holy awesome Lame Duck Congress! I was so stoked to see the DADT repeal signed into law today and the votes coming up for the 9/11 responders bill and the ratification of the START treaty. There was a time when I didn't think any of those things were going to happen. They did, though, and I have a (momentarily) renewed faith in my party and my government. I think I'll need it in the coming months.

I should probably go do my dishes and try to pack a little bit of stuff tonight. Though, that's all I have to do tomorrow. I can pack while waiting for my hair to dry. It'll be multitasking! Yay me!

21 December 2010

Saving the most time-sensitive for last.

Because I've got some sort of problem, I've apparently saved just the Christmas cards for last. I have yet to start them -- however, I did buy another box today, so I have enough to actually send out at this point. Stamps? Who knows. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Today, I finished my shopping (save for gifts for my goddaughter and her brother, because I am waiting to see what they want and I have no idea when I'll see them). Also, I just finished up the wrapping of said gifts. I should also note that I braved the mall, worked out and worked today. I'm some sort of super woman (not even mentioning the banana bread I baked, except for right there, where I did mention it).

There is no shopping to do tomorrow. I'm totally going to get these cards knocked out tonight (I hope). That will leave just some baking tomorrow after I work out. Sounds like a nice day to me. Just what I need before heading to a few days with the fam. I get to bake and cook and there is free booze at the farm. Also, I don't think I'll be "trapped" by weather as I was last year. Nor will I have horrible cramps this year (I hope). I've got a much better attitude going in this year than last year. At least at this moment, anyway.

20 December 2010

Gettin' shit done.

I have been productive today. Not terribly productive or anything, but I've accomplished some shit.

KayGee and I did get some shopping done. Though, I only got one of the two gifts I'd intended to buy. I'll probably get the other one tomorrow. Unfortunately, I also need to go to the mall tomorrow. I'm just about out of foundation, gel, moisturizer and toner. I could have purchased three of the four items online, but if I have to go somewhere to get one of them, I might as well save myself the shipping charges and get them all at the mall. I'm hoping that it won't be too bad, what with some people probably still working.

After hitting the gym, I came home to do laundry, throw a meal in the crock pot, do my dishes and make pumpkin applesauce muffins. Yay me! I'm even watching the Vikings game. I was hoping for more weather-related hilarity, but alas ...

Speaking of the football game, I've been watching a lot of ESPN today. If I didn't know better, I could be led to believe that there has never been an NFL game played in the Midwest, or in any type of cold or snow, ever in the history of the league before tonight. It's been a little ridiculous, quite frankly. Oh, and of course, Brent Favre decided he had to come back to start tonight. ZOMG!!11!!

Despite all the shit I did do today, I've managed to not do any Christmas cards. Haven't wrapped any gifts yet, either. I feel like I might be able to bang out some cards yet, though. The Wolves game is on in about 20 minutes, so I'll be sitting in front of the TV. I usually need an additional distraction if I'm not completely exhausted. Since I was in bed early last night (Yay, first night of vacation!), I'm good to stay up late tonight. I'm feeling confident that the cards will get started tonight. I can do this!

Unfortunately, the snow probably means I won't get to see the Total Lunar Eclipse at like, 1:40 a.m. Nuts. The next eclipse will probably happen on a night I have to get up early the next day for work. Thanks a lot, Mother Nature.

19 December 2010

Holiday procrastination.

I'm actually in fairly good shape, gift-wise, this year. I've got two left to buy for actual Christmas and I intend to do that tomorrow. The Boy I Currently Like's last couple of gift components arrived Thursday and part two of Law Talkin' Gal's present arrived while I was at home this weekend.

While I'm doing pretty good on actually purchasing the gifts (I even got my cousin's present out to her almost a week ago), the wrapping of presents and mailing of holiday cards are things I'm just really not interested in doing right now. Putting off the gift wrapping for tomorrow just makes sense, since I can sit down and do them all at once.

I really should do the cards, or they'll start showing up after Christmas, but well, they are holiday cards; and frankly, I'm just not mentally in the right place to do it right this moment.

This weekend absolutely drained me. I barely slept Thursday night and then had to head down to the farm after work Friday for SILTB's shower. I was yelled at essentially as soon as I walked in the door and shit kind of went downhill from there. Having to sleep in the living room with my sister and nephew made for Even More Fatigue. Last night, The Boy kept me up until ... oh, probably 4:00 at least. It's a miracle I'm actually sitting up to type this blog post, quite frankly. I almost fell asleep a couple of hours ago.

You know what? I'm on vacation. I can take today off from doing shit. I probably won't even do my goddamn dishes. KayGee and I are trying to get an earlyish start tomorrow to visit I Like You to finish up our shopping (though, I'm not ruling out another visit to Belle Weather). That should give me plenty of time to wrap presents, write out some cards, do my dishes and maybe even bake a little.

Oh! I forgot a present -- I fully intend to stop in to A Pets Place, to get a little something for my favorite dog in the whole wide world. But I can hit that after I leave the gym one of these days this week.

KayGee and I are starting early tomorrow because, hooray-hooray: we're in for another five to eight inches of snow over the afternoon and evening. Plus, the Vikings are playing at the Bank, so I want to stay entirely away from the campus-Northeast part of town as much as possible tomorrow.

Right now, I'm not going to worry about the couple of hours of work I have to do on Tuesday. That's like, 36 hours away. And I'm really not going to worry about the family time I have coming up later this week. It shouldn't be too bad, really. I'll be drinking, baking and cooking and all that. I'm not going to lie, though, I have thought a bit about New Year's Eve, though. Mostly: what will I wear? Sounds like it'll be Part Two of last year's NYE, except in a different house and I won't be meeting everyone for the first time. I imagine that will make it all that much more fun. Yay!

16 December 2010

So much for that "one more day" thing.

Sounds like I'll not only have to be checking in while I'm out the next two weeks, but I'll definitely have to work next week and possibly the week after. Allegedly, it's just a little tracking thing, but it's still working while I'm on vacation. Again.

I don't necessarily have to go to the office, but I probably will, because I only have access to web mail because there's something wrong with my remote connection and IT just will not fucking help me to fix it. Thanks, jerks.

But whatever. I'm mostly off, I guess. I'm totally leaving early tomorrow, too. Not that I want to get to family time early, but the sooner I leave work, the sooner I get to start drinking and playing with dogs. I'll need that down time before SILTB's shower. I'm not sure how to tell them that I'm clocking out at 8:30 to watch the Wolves. I'm not sure I'll even be able to get a TV to watch the Wolves. And these fuckers wonder why I don't want to spend time at the farm.

Things are still mostly good, though. I'm just waiting on one more Christmas present to arrive and I only need to buy a couple of additional small gifts. I intend to get those early next week at I Like You. Though, after my sister's little screed about all the shitty gifts she's received over the last couple of years, I'm tempted to just get her a Target gift card. She gave the screed when we were talking about our plan to just buy little gifts for each other, instead of not doing anything this year.

In addition to getting another package from Amazon before I left for work (this one was even for me!), I came home to two boxes from popchips! I loves me some popchips! I totally bought some the other day at Target, because they were on sale. The lovely people at popchips! are ridiculously generous -- I got a couple of packages from them last year.

Alas, my bras from Fredericks didn't arrive today. I was really hoping they would. I'm in desperate need of new bras and there was a sale last week. Of course, the 30 percent off was only for in-stock merchandise and there was only one color of bra in my size that I wanted (yeah, no thanks on the teal). I ordered another one anyway (they were cheaper if you ordered two), in the hopes that going up a band size and down a cup size might work. Though, I doubt it will. But at least then I can exchange it in a few weeks when stuff is back in stock. *crosses fingers*

Shit. How did it get to be 9:00 already? I have to shower (and shave) and pack yet tonight. At least I got my cookies all squared away. I still have so many left. I think I'll have to do some sharing next week. But I also want to do some more baking -- I bought two big cans of pumpkin at Rainbow tonight. Yay, pumpkin bread!

15 December 2010

If only I'd looked sooner.

I decided to run errands and do a bit of Christmas shopping tonight, instead of going to the gym, since my thighs and ass are ridiculously sore after the shoveling, pushing, slipping and then working out on top of all that. I'm kind of amazed I can walk at all.

First of all, I made a visit to a new shop in my neighborhood that I saw last night on my alternate route home (commute dropped from 90 minutes to 30 last night!). It's called Belle Weather, and it is awesome. I bought a bracelet for my aunt and a couple of items for The Boy I Currently Like. I told him about them when he called earlier, so I can't now decide to keep them for myself, even though I totally want them SO BAD. There are many items with curse words on them. 'Nuff said.

So, I did some dishes and made some potatoes for my lunch the next two days. Then I decided to wrap the presents I have (including SILTB's shower present -- more on that shit later. Like, another day later).

On Friday last week, I had to go to the Post Office to pick up THREE packages. While I was waiting in line (FOREVER ... thanks dude who finally came up to ask if anyone was just picking up packages when I was next in line and had been waiting in line for 20 minutes), I could see I had two boxes of similar size from Amazon. The item I'd purchased for The Boy didn't seem like it would take two boxes, but what did I know?

I opened the box when I got home, but didn't look at it too clearly. It looked like it was supposed to come to me. Tonight, though, I finally pulled everything out of boxes and layers and layers of plastic and realized that one of those boxes held something I didn't order. This was confirmed by looking at the packing slip that said The Three Stooges Collection was supposed to go to a dude in Pittsburgh. Also, he ordered it six days before I ordered my item.

Have you ever tried to get some fucking help from Amazon? It's a nightmare. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it's certainly not easy. I just want a fucking "Contact Us" link, or a "Customer Service" button. But I had to go looking for that fucking shit. I'm still not sure I got a message to someone who will tell me what the fuck to do with this Three Stooges box set.

If they don't get back to me within 12 or 24 hours (they say 12) ... well, what do I do? Just give it to my dad? He'd probably enjoy it.

Okay, so I've been e-mailing for a while, apparently. I'm just going to end this here. Sorry for not editing/making sense!

13 December 2010

Counting down.

Ugh. The first day of my last week of work in 2010 wasn't stellar. Work was worky and not completely horrible. I had to leave early to make sure I could get a parking spot. I'd say as much as one-third of the parking at our complex is gone. Cover with mounds of snow. Of course, this apparently gives people license to park like complete and utter jackasses. "Oh, well, there weren't any lines there. How was I to know that I was blocking all of those people in, other than to see that I was doing it and to not give a fuck because I apparently think I'm better than everyone else?"

I didn't get to work much earlier than normal, but I managed to get a parking spot. It's interesting how much difference a few minutes can make.

Leaving work is where things got MEGA SHITTY. It took 90 minutes for me to get from the office to home, with a stop to drop off Jen, who lives FIVE BLOCKS FROM ME. The streets are an absolute fucking mess.

Thank God Minneapolis declared a second snow emergency. It started at 9:00 tonight and I saw a considerable number of cars parked on Snow Emergency Routes on my way home from the gym shortly after 9:00. I wasn't feeling good that the city got the word out. Then I got home and saw cars being towed up the block, and I felt better.

I mean, there's only so much the city can do. There is just so much fucking snow. I am hoping against hope that they institute all-winter snow emergency parking after this second snow emergency. I've been on very few streets where two cars can meet (a bus and a car? FORGET IT) or a one-way street where two cars can pass with cars parked on both sides. It slows everything down so fucking much when you're constantly merging from two lanes to one and then back out and back in again.

Despite the god-motherfucking-awful commute home, my evening has turned out fairly well. I was able to get changed, have a snack and wrap a gift and leave the house within 25 minutes. I got in and out of Target fairly quickly. Even though it was 8:00 when I got there, I still did a quick workout (holy sore ass, Batman) and then stopped at the post office to mail my only out-of-state Christmas gift.

But wait -- there's more. Successfully completing all my chores would be a really sad reason for my evening to turn out well. It turns out The Bob Saget Fan Club has overcome it's mediocre season to win the division and make the playoffs. FUCK AND YES. My shitty, stitched-together team has made it! I think I only have to win one more game to win more money. I'm not holding my breath, though. I'm just happy to have made the playoffs again.

Also, I got a mega-sweet compliment on my cookies from Sarah, who is an incredible baker. Oh, and I got to see my neighbor Shiba when I had to go back outside and make a one-block round trip to get my forgotten Target purchases out of my trunk. I'd have left it, but I don't think the bananas and glass jar of salsa would have fared all that well. And there was the pretty dog!

Somehow, today ended up giving me faith that I can and will get through this week. And then it's two weeks of mostly doing whatever the fuck I want (baking and drinking, for the most part, I think). Four more days y'all. I can do this!

12 December 2010

It feels odd to feel this happy after such an epic snowstorm.

I survived the Halloween Blizzard of 1991. I was a senior in high school, so I lived at home. On the one hand, I didn't have to worry about digging out or moving my car. Maybe I had to shovel. But I was TRAPPED at home -- without booze, cable or the Interwebs.

For the biggest snowstorm since then (that's 19 years, y'all), I had plenty of booze, cable and Interwebs. But I also had to deal with digging out my car and getting stuck. I had to deal with going outside to do my laundry. I have to deal with navigating the city to get around and I have to get to work tomorrow.

Maybe it's because there were a few inches less of snow this go-round, but maybe it's being a grown-up, but I really feel kind of amazingly happy tonight. Sure, I'm sore and was horribly frustrated and near tears a number of times yesterday after getting stuck just trying to navigate the streets around my apartment. Sure, it's going to be a nightmare getting around the city the rest of the winter.

Oh, and I've got family time coming up this weekend. I have a wedding shower for SILTB Friday night and family Christmas Saturday. And on Friday night I don't think I get to sleep in an actual bed. Then next weekend there is more family time.

Despite all of that -- and the general out-of-sortsness the snowstorm has left me with -- I am feeling ridiculously happy tonight. One reason is the way people are just so fucking friendly and helpful after a snowstorm. We talked about it at the cookie exchange tonight; we all experienced it. Stephanie is embodying that helpful awesomeness. The Boy I Currently Like's neighbor's boyfriend helped him with the shoveling and wanted nothing in return (The Boy is sick and I felt terrible that I couldn't get over to help him). It all just gives me faith in humanity.

I had a wonderful time at the cookie exchange. I'm not sure I can really put into words how absolutely fucking awesome those ladies are and how much I love them. I'm also feeling super-close to The Boy. I have to go to work tomorrow, so I know this overwhelming feeling of contentment won't last, but I only have this week of work left for the year. I'm hoping I can hold on to the good feelings to get through this week and through the family time of the holidays. I can do it. I will do it! I'm going to try, anyway.

This feels kind of ramble-y and discombobulated, but I kind of feel that way. So, you know it's from the heart, or something.

11 December 2010

Holy. Crap.

It is bad out there, y'all. The last time I checked the totals (and how can they even tell, with all the blowing and drifting?), Minneapolis had somewhere approaching 15 inches. One suburb has 20 already.

Minneapolis declared a snow emergency late this morning. My cookie exchange was postponed until tomorrow, so I figured around noon, that I would go out and move my car. That turned into a two-hour ordeal.

Actually getting my car out of my parking spot in front of the house turned out to be the "easy" part. While looking for another parking spot, I got stuck twice. A total of seven different people helped push me out of the various stuck spots.

There were many times I was almost crying, because I was stuck in the middle of the street with no one to help me, and I left my phone in my apartment. Who the fuck would I call anyway? There was also a lot of cursing. But those seven people who helped me out were wonderful. I should have brought some of my extra cookies to hand out to Good Samaritans.

I drove around for who knows how long, looking for somewhere to park my car during the snow emergency -- but avoiding streets that would get me stuck again. I actually gave up pretty quickly. I was soaked -- I'd been in drifts up to mid-thigh. I'd fallen down a couple of times. My hat and mittens were soaked. My hair was soaked and filled with ice chunks. My coat was soaked and icy. Oh, and my feet were frozen.

When I gave up, I went to Calhoun Square and parked. It's $9 for 24 hours (though, the sign says "No Overnight Parking." If you're open 24 hours and can park 24 hours, doesn't that mean there will be cars there overnight?). Quite honestly, I'd pay $50.

In theory, this also gives me a great opportunity to go to the gym tomorrow. Then again, I imagine I'm going be awfully fucking sore tomorrow. Plus, I will have probably a pretty shitty walk to Calhoun Square. I imagine there will be plenty of un-shoveled sidewalks and it's going to be fucking COLD (a high of 4 and windchills approaching -25. Yay!). My street should be plowed by 8:00 tomorrow morning, so I will be able to drive back here and park and that will hopefully be the end of it. Unless I get stuck on one of the side streets near the GTs' place tomorrow for the cookie exchange. I'll be bringing my shovel.

On the walk back to my apartment, I hauled my little shovel with me. I figured I'd need it here and might even run into someone who would need it on the streets. Didn't take long for that to happen. I offered my shovel to a guy whose Honda Civic was stuck. He was happy to have it. Then I pushed him out. I ended up almost flat on my face, but I got that fucker out! I pushed him out after telling him as I handed him the shovel, "I'd offer to do more, but I'm exhausted." Apparently not so exhausted I couldn't finish the fucking job.

After helping Honda Civic guy out, I followed a bunch of other people walking down the ruts in the snow in the streets. Very few people were walking on sidewalks. The group with the sled full of groceries and booze invited me to come make cookies and drink with them, but I was wet, hadn't showered and at this point possibly had snot running down my face. I was a MESS.

There were several other people I offered to help along the walk home, but they all mercifully declined. I was freezing and tired. When I walked in the door, I stripped off my wet clothes, wrapped my hair in a towel and had two lovely beers in my t-shirt and undies. Classy!

You know, as awful as those moments were when I was near tears, the walk home was fun and uplifting. I got to pass on the help I got from my neighbors to others, for one thing. The camaraderie of all the people out and about is really great to see. Everyone seems so friendly -- like the people who invited me to make cookies with them. We're all in it together, you know.

It was crazy out there. I couldn't see the stoplights a half block away when I was trying to get my car out. Then when I was driving, there were times I couldn't see shit. I've never experienced borderline white-out conditions IN THE CITY. The airport is mostly closed. Metro Transit actually shut down bus service. I don't think I've ever heard of that happening in all the years I've lived here. But on the radar, it looks to be ending soon. Hallelujah.

Now, I'm just debating whether to brave the outdoors one more time to get a pizza at Luce before the Wolves game starts. I don't think I'm going to do that, though. I've got booze and plenty of food in here. Plus, my boots are still wet.

10 December 2010


We're on track to get ... a buttload of snow. Paul Douglas says at least a foot, the Weather Channel is saying 10-16 inches, Accuweather, however, says 7.3 inches. Given their super-precise prediction, I'm hoping that one is right.

Shit, this is a big enough storm that Twins' centerfielder Denard Span and his guns are exhorting Twins fans to drive safe and whatnot. I'm kinda regretting not moving my car to a side street, but digging it out in the morning will serve as a workout, I guess.

I think what's almost worse than all that fucking snow is the ridiculously fucking cold temperatures on the way the next day. A low of -2 on Sunday and a high of 2 on Monday? NOT FUCKING FAIR.

A foot of snow won't stop me from going to my cookie exchange tomorrow, though. I made somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 dozen cookies -- chocolate chocolate chip. Actually, they're dark chocolate chocolate chip, as I used Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder. It's delightful. As are these cookies. In fact, I used Special Dark chocolate chips in one batch. I meant to keep them separate, but, well, I'd been at it for six or so hours and was drinking and I got distracted. Either way, they're delicious.

Just looked out the window -- it's started. There's already a dusting on the sidewalks and cars. Snowmageddon, y'all. Glad I bought two boxes of wine and a bottle of Jameson today. I AM PREPARED.

08 December 2010

Well, that's nice.

Found out today we're getting an extra day off over the holidays. Actually, it's for next year. Apparently, December 31 counts as 2011, as well, since it was to be our observation of New Year's.

The thing I'm most excited about is that I will be able to have my first weekday workout of the new year during the day, thus putting off my fight with the New Year's Resolutioners by one day. Then again, I'm not entirely sure how much worse things can get. It's 7:30 before a treadmill will open up and stay open for more than a couple of minutes. At least that is the case Monday through Wednesday. I've not been able to get an elliptical machine in I don't know how long.

None of this has mattered all that much this week, since I've been sick. I've kept my workouts in the 30-50 minute range and I've only been on the treadmill and bike. I think doing something without pushing myself has really helped with the cold. That's my theory, anyway. I'm still congested and still coughing, but I've not once coughed myself into a headache. Dizziness, sure; but no headaches. That's a victory for me.

I'm still exhausted, of course. When I don't get home from the gym until around 9:00, it's tough for me to get into bed before 11:30, no matter how tired I am. And I've been loading up on cold meds so I sleep. I've been knocked the fuck out, but I don't think it's quality sleep. It's a trade-off, I guess.

However! Only one more day of work this week. Tomorrow night I'm hanging out with The Boy I Currently Like, as he's been off work all week. It feels ever so decadent. And if I manage to get a nap, it'll be ever better.

Shit. This Wolves game is fucking close. Gotta go.

06 December 2010

This space intentionally left blank.

I've been sitting here for five minutes (at least) trying to think of a title for this post, but I've got nothing. Perhaps I should take this as a sing that I've got nothing to say. Fuck that.

So, I think I may have mentioned I have another cold. Friday was bad because I slept just a few hours on Thursday night. After a short work day and a nap, I felt much better Friday night. On Saturday, I felt even better. However, I did get pretty sneezy and snotty on Saturday night at The Boy I Currently Like's place. He said I sounded just fine when I got there, but over the course of the night, I ended up sounding like I'd been crying, because I was so congested. Sexy! (Also sexy, not being able to breathe while making out because the non-congested side of your nose is pressed up against his nose. Or, the "non-congested" side is only partially so, and you get the snotty-inhale sound while making out. That shit is HOT, y'all.)

Even better than sounding like I'd been crying was how I sounded Sunday morning. Perhaps it was just because it was fresh in The Boy's mind, because we'd watched The Soup the night before, or possibly simply because it was absolutely fucking true, but I was still a little shocked when we were laying in bed, talking about who knows what when The Boy said, "You sound like Ma."

I was a little sad and hurt at first, but then I said "He's a douchebag," and I was delighted. Unfortunately, it only works right away in the morning, or I'd be talking like her all day. Or, I would if I knew more than two people who watched The Soup and might get what I was talking about.

Another fun thing I've got going right now is my mom is on my ass about meals for Christmas and writing a paragraph about myself for her Christmas letter. For the food thing, I don't know why I bother suggesting shit, because it all gets shot down. Why do you fucking ask if you're going to say no? Why do you ask me for ideas when there are people who won't eat 75 percent of the shit I suggest? Why ask me for new ideas when "Your dad won't eat that."? Jesus.

The Christmas letter paragraph is vexing me, too. Do you think I should add the tidbit about sounding like Ma? I honestly have no idea what to say. I don't fucking care. Then again, I care just enough to want to write something ridiculous or sarcastic or clever or just plain fucking stupid. But after working and being sick, I just can't think of anything good. Not even booze is helping. I only have until Wednesday, too. FUCK.

And in the continuing (not) awesome vein, I came home today to a flooded under-sink cabinet. Thanks, upstairs neighbor's dishwasher! I assume it's a dishwasher because of the volume of water and the force with which it fills my sink. The times I've seen it, I was worried it might spill out of the sink onto the floor. Turns out that pressure was too much for the pipes under my sink. Fun!

03 December 2010

A nice snowy night in Minneapolis

Sure, I've been awake since roughly 3:30 this morning (possibly 2:30, I'm really not sure). And sure, it took me all of four days back in the office to get sick again. My sinuses have felt like they're going to collapse on themselves. But it's better than coughing all the time.

Fortunately, even though I didn't get the full day off (those three extra days turned into -1 days. AWESOME), I was able to spend the afternoon at home. Since I was up at well before the asscrack of dawn, I was able to go into the office about an hour earlier than normal, which meant I could leave an hour earlier. That meant I got to Walgreens for sinus meds, the grocery store and home right before the snow started falling.

Once home, I put on yoga pants immediately. But I also made cookie dough, ate lunch and drank a beer before I finally hunkered down on the couch for a too-short nap. Thanks for calling to see if I was home, Mom.

Now, here it is 9:00 and I've read some comics, cleared some stuff off my DVR, done dishes and made a test batch of cookies in preparation for the Holiday Cookie Exchange next weekend. I think they're better than the first batch I made. I'm not entirely sure I used the same recipe, but I'll be using this one in the future. I even tried to make uniform-sized cookies to get an idea of how many batches of dough I'll need to make to get enough for the exchange. It's looking like 10ish dozen at this point, and that means three batches, with some leftover. I'm sure The Boy I Currently Like and my sister and nephew will be devastated to have even more extra cookies to take off my hands.

Oh sure -- there are more things I could do. I could give the floors a once-over with my new stick vac (my one after-Thanksgiving cheap-ass purchase. How could I turn down a $9 Dirt Devil that can do my rugs and the hardwood floors, plus converts to a dustbuster? Nice to see it's $20 on the Dirt Devil website and Target said the original price was $28). I could clean the sink and tub in the bathroom. I could make Irish soda bread. There were probably some other things I was thinking of that I could do, but those are plenty of options.

But I've been sort of productive and I'm snug in my apartment on a snowy night. You know, when I don't have to go anywhere until tomorrow afternoon, it's actually quite pretty and enjoyable. I love how the sounds of cars passing on the street outside are so muffled. And it's so bright out there. Since it isn't blowing, I can actually go out on my deck to see how much snow is there. I mean, I could if I wanted to. It looks like at least three inches at this point. Or the last time I looked out there.

I hope my fellow Twin Citians are safe and warm tonight.

02 December 2010




Brain melty.

Can barely think after answering wrong numbers and reading about legal stuff in Spanish all day.

Wishing I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.

Glad it's only a half day.

Wondering why I'm not in bed right now.

01 December 2010

It shouldn't be starting this early.

Not the ridiculous retail Christmas hype cycle -- that ship sailed many years ago. Sure, it keeps getting earlier and earlier every year. But ... whatever.

I'm talking about this holiday family angst that has beset me. With all the wedding bullshit dovetailing in so fucking nicely [/sarcasm], it seems as if my family is all up in the holiday discussion earlier than normal. Or perhaps I'm more involved in it this year, since the 'rents are hosting my dad's side of the family's Christmas.

Whatever the reason, I don't know. But I've spent the last couple of days alternately raging or crying about the time I'll have to spend with my family and all the bullshit I'm going to be subject to over the next month or so. Oh, but it won't stop there -- because the wedding stuff starts right after. Actually, the first shower is the night before my dad's side of the family's Christmas.

Please kill me. Now.

There will, of course, be questions about why I'm not coming for this or why I'm not staying Christmas Day or why don't I come down to the farm with some of that time I have off? I'm currently trying to figure out how to answer those questions. I'm thinking about the truth -- I need my space and the less time I have to spend with you people between now and the wedding, the better we will all get along.

Did no one notice how much family relations (at least where I was concerned) improved when I moved to North fucking Carolina? I mean, wouldn't you rather spend less time with a fun, pleasant me than spend more time with a surly-as-fuck me? The answer seems clear. But then again, I'm a dumbass.