09 November 2010


Man, I am on a hot streak. In September, I finally won the Trader Joe's reusable bag raffle. I've only been entering it multiple times a week for a year. The $10 gift card went straight to the wine shop. My philosophy is, if you get free money, spend it on booze.

Please note: I've never won more than $100.

Last week, I won tickets to the Timberwolves game vs. Atlanta. As I mentioned in the previous post, the seats weren't that great and they lost, but it was fun. I mean, the tickets were worth $80, so it's nothing to sniff at.

Then today I got a call from the commissioner of my nephew's football league. I won something in their raffle! Last year my dad won a gift certificate to some restaurant. The big prize is a TV.

I got neither of those things. What did I get? A "professional outdoor family photo." As the guy was explaining it, he said something about doing a picture with my family, "or, you know, your boyfriend." Is there something in my voice? That's probably a stupid question. I have a coworker who is convinced that I get help from IT quicker (or at all) and responses to requests for interviews with much more regularity than he does because I'm a girl with a cute voice. Whatever.

At first, I was all, "What the fuck? This isn't even a prize!" I didn't even want it. I considered calling back and telling him to give it to someone else. Then it hit me -- my siblings, nephew, SILTB and I can do a picture to give to the 'rents for Christmas or Mother's Day or something. I mean, we'd still have to pay for the photos, but there's no sitting fee. And we can get the prints made anywhere.

Either that, or I'll round up a shitload of my friends and take them to get a ridiculous photo done. I almost would rather do that. A lot of the time, they feel much more like my family than my biological family does.

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Reuben said...

How about getting all your favorite local bloggers together for a photo shoot, huh?