04 November 2010

What exactly is going on here, Gmail?

Recently, I've been getting e-mails that are not meant for me in my Gmail account. They are meant for some other Jess with the same last name as me.

It wasn't obvious at first -- there were a couple of weird lists I was on for which I never signed up. But then there were e-mails from some some paralegal in Australia who was apparently house/dogsitting for a Jess with the same last name as me while that Jess was on holiday. This Jess's poor dog fell ill and then I started getting e-mails from the dog/housesitting paralegal and two different vets. The thing was, these e-mails were going to the Jess's work and home e-mails. Why didn't she realize it? I e-mailed a couple of times and never got a response. However, they did eventually stop.

There have been e-mails for a Jess who is affiliated with a camp and was requesting a a quote for postcards, a Jess who was some sort of teacher, the Jess who signed up for Facebook with my e-mail ...

But it's not just me. KayGee is having similar problems. Some KayGee imposter thinks KayGee's e-mail is her own -- I believe her husband has e-mailed KayGee. She's now job searching with KayGee's e-mail.

How exactly do you screw up your own e-mail? I understand a typo here and there. But when you're giving out someone else's e-mail out to your former job, your relatives, potential employers ... as KayGee said, "she's basically hopeless."

There is also the whole idea that if I'm getting e-mail for someone who isn't me, are there people getting my e-mails? And how do you end up with an e-mail so close to mine when apparently capitalization and periods don't matter?

Seriously Google. This isn't cool. It's also really fucking annoying.


Reuben said...

What? I don't understand why you think it's google's fault that people are messing up their own email addresses.

Jess said...

I don't think it's Google's fault that people are messing up their own e-mail addresses. However, I'm mildly concerned that someone could have an e-mail so close to mine, who has the same name as me ... I mean if my email is xxxx.xxxxx@gmail.com and xxxx..xxxxx@gmail.com and xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com and XxxxXxxxx@gmail.com and Xxxx.Xxxxx@gmail.com and xxxX..xxXxx@gmail.com and on and on and on ... what could their e-mail be that's close to a rather large number of possibilities for my e-mail?

Mimi C said...

i had thesame thing happen with road runner (time warner) email and comcast. It also happens at large companies all the time with same last name and first inital