18 November 2010

Vacation: all I ever wanted.

Gotta love The Go-Go's, yes? I wish there was more Go-Go's on Rock Band. As far as I can remember, The Boy I Currently Like and I just did one Go-Go's song the last time we played. I feel like I would have done more songs if they were available, no matter how much he raises his eyebrows at me when I pick them.

So, it's not an actual "vacation." But it's time away from the office, and that's what matters most. When I finally dragged my ass out of bed this morning, I turned my alarm off. I don't need to use it for like, nine days. Okay, I might use it Monday and possibly on Thanksgiving. But that's it.

There is basketball and football to watch, drinking to do, being lazy to ... well, be lazy.

One big news thing: I'm drinking white wine tonight. This is shocking, believe me. The Bota Box Pinot Grigio is not hateful. In fact, it's quite delicious.

The description is this:

This wine exhibits citrus, candy, and floral aromas that are supported by flavors of lemon, vanilla, and stone fruit in the mouth. It has a rich texture and mouthfeel with a light mineral and ginger flavor on its extended finish giving it a refreshing quality.

I'm not sure I taste candy in it. But it's still good. In my defense, I'm fucking CRAZY about Bota Box. It's beyond delicious. I loves me some Malbec and Zinfandel. But if they can make a white wine I like? Well, kudos to you, Bota Box.

I feel like there was so much more to say, but it seems my brain has left for vacation. What can you do?


Anonymous said...

speaking of white wines, if you eat ham at all (Easter?) you might try
Riesling to go with it. it comes in about 6 different sweetnesses and the one that goes best with ham is
auslese. just remember, eat the first bite of ham first, then sip the wine. unbelievably good. "hubby" and i will be having it for thanks-giving. have a good one, btw.

Jess said...

My mom loves her some Riesling (though she says "rieslings"). I'm not much of a fan.

Then again, I never thought I'd be drinking any sort of white wine. Yet, here I am, drinking Pinot Grigio on the second consecutive night. It's CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

i am fond of Pinot Grigio mostly with not-sweet appetizer things -brie cheese & crackers, for instance