29 November 2010

This is shaping up to be a long four-day week.

I really didn't think today was going to be so terribly awful, even if I was going back after several days off. But it really was not good.

For starters, I forgot to bring the bread product that was supposed to serve as the conveyance for my turkey and assorted leftovers (but not all of them) for lunch. Then, when it was time to actually eat, I realized I didn't even put my turkey in the fridge. It had been sitting out for like, three or four hours. To the trash with you, then.

The office next door must have received an infusion of new employees who were raised by wolves, because there were used paper towels around the sinks and trash cans, plus bloody toilet paper on the floor in the stalls. AWESOME. I just do not understand how one place can consistently employ so fucking many people who do not know how to fucking act. It boggles the mind.

But maybe things would get better after I left work. Except it took me 40 minutes to get home because of some fucking mist. Not to mention those 40 minutes were filled with dizziness-inducing cramps. I just had Shark Week two fucking weeks ago. Why is it happening again? I'm ugly, cranky as fuck, bloated as hell and these cramps make me want to stab someone. The good news, however, is that my IUD did not expel itself as I was fearing it might have. Something felt weird downtown, but after some poking around down there I didn't find anything out of place, so I assume everything is peachy-keen.

Of course, the gym was full of douchebags, too. It's been so busy already, I can't even imagine what it will be like when the New Year's Resolutioners arrive. So many people ignoring the signs posted all over the gym telling everyone there is a 20-minute limit on cardio equipment when there is a line. Does that stop the douche on the treadmill whose timer says he's been on it for well over 30 minutes? Hell no. He even looked back at the six-person-deep line and kept right on fucking going. I was in line for a fuckstick who stopped not long after 20 minutes, but just fucking walked away and didn't wipe down his machine. If it's not one kind of asshole, it's another, I guess.

Still, once my cramps subsided (thanks to fistful of ibuprofen), I felt better. Not so much better I didn't think I deserved a treat at Trader Joe's, however (the treat was not breaking into a Subaru and stealing the Samoyed who looked at me with pleading eyes -- I resisted!). I picked up a box of dark chocolate sea salt caramels. They're not as good as I was hoping, but I do enjoy all of the elements.

Now I'm concerned about these last three minutes of the Gopher game against UVA for the Big Ten-ACC challenge. The Gophs were looking great in the first half and not so awesome in this tape-delayed second half. But I've gotten this far without finding out the results, so that's something. It would really be nice to actually represent the Big Ten well in this contest for once.

I'd talk about my potential day working from home tomorrow, but I don't dare go to the Strib's website to check the weather until after the game finishes. All I can do is get another glass of wine. I deserve it after going spelunking for my IUD, I think.

Looks like the Gophers will suffer their first loss of the season. Just the cap I needed to my shitty, shitty day.


Anonymous said...

now, what's this about sea salt with dark chocolate & caramel? i already deeply love the whole caramel/dark chocolate combination, can't imagine salt with it. please enlighten me.

hope you feel better.

Jess said...

It's caramel wrapped in dark chocolate, with large sea salt crystals on top. Despite my ho-hum initial reaction, it was still awfully good.

Reuben said...

maybe the dude doesn't know that people are waiting for the machines? Maybe he's like, "Why are all those peeps standing in a line over there?"

Jess said...

So he's either a jerk or some kind of moron who can't put two and two together when people in the line move to treadmills as the people using treadmills finish.

I'm going to vote for both, I think.