30 November 2010

That's how they get ya.

I went into our system where we request time off today to switch around a day off so I could go to the First Ave 40th Anniversary party the night before.

A couple of weeks ago I went in to the system to request my time off, as we found out our New Year's Day holiday is actually on New Year's Eve and I'd already requested that day off. However, I changed my time off, but didn't get the day back. Imagine my surprise then, when I go in today and magically have an extra three days sitting there. What the fuck?

I swear I already requested all of my available days months ago. I've gone in and made adjustments and those three days were nowhere to be seen. My guess is this is some sort of "system glitch" that helps them make us forfeit vacation days. (It's benefits open enrollment time, so we're all very into the "this is how they're trying to fuck us over" meme.) Nice try, but I'm taking those days.

Earlier today, I got an e-mail saying that the horrible project on which I'd been working the last few months was ending. Like, today. It seemed a bit unceremonious to some people -- me included, but only a little. The two things I worked on were clearly wrapping up. I figured I'd almost certainly be done by the end of this week. Making it happen at the end of the month is just that much easier.

So now I really don't feel bad only working seven days in December. SEVEN. Of course, the system could be all different when I go in tomorrow, but everything added up correctly (though, I thought they added up perfectly a couple of weeks ago, but I apparently wasn't counting my personal days in the total and they were). I just don't know why those days weren't available a couple of weeks ago.

I'm not going to lie, y'all -- I'm pretty fucking stoked about this. I won't even think about how horribly, horribly cruel January is going to be. I'm going to enjoy December.

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