14 November 2010

Take that, work!

It's Sunday night and I've managed to not work at all since I left the office Thursday. Oh, I checked my e-mail, but that doesn't really count. I'm pretty proud of myself.

My weekend wasn't nearly as productive as I had hoped it might be. My apartment isn't clean. I didn't bake anything. But I had fun Friday night with W, and with Law Talkin' Gal.

I also managed to clear off a good bit of space on my DVR, and spent a lot of time on my couch. I got to the gym two out of three days and I think I got most of my errands done. That's about all I can ask for, I think.

My lunch is ready for another short week -- four days in the office and then I'm off until November 29. Oh, it will be glorious.

Or, it would be if I wasn't starting to get a little depressed about spending my favorite holiday alone. KayGee and The Prison Librarian are going to Chicago. The Boy I Currently Like is heading in the same direction. So I'm doing Turkey Day on my own.

There have been a few times I've wavered a bit and considered telling the fam and spending the day with them. However, I think I'd rather be alone than spend it with them. I'd rather make my own dinner at my own pace, get drunk and watch football all day. Oh, and some college basketball. I know that will be on, too.

It's not like I'll be totally alone the entire time. Law Talkin' Gal and her boyfriend will be here for Thanksgiving Eve, and I'm hoping a few others will be, too. And then there's the Post-Thanksgiving Drinking and Leftovers Extravaganza at The G-Ts abode. It'll be just fine. Right?

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Anonymous said...

sure, you will be fine. have a good one.