22 November 2010

Make it stop.

Sweet Jebus. It's not even Thanksgiving and I'm already about to go on a rampage because of these god-fucking-awful Kay Jeweler commercials.

Look, just because you have "chocolate diamonds" and a surprisingly (like, shockingly -- I kept going on and on about it to The Boy I Currently Like on Saturday night) well-preserved Dorothy Hamill (seriously -- she looks GREAT) doesn't mean you don't have shitty, cookie-cutter, mass-produced, UGLY jewelry.

It's entirely possibly that Dorothy Hamill isn't shilling her Jane-Seymour-knock-off-bullshit-jewelry (though, I think it's a breast cancer awareness thing, unlike Seymour's lame attempt to tug on the heartstrings to make a quick buck) via Kay, but she might as well be. All of that shit blurs together in a hatred soup in my brain.

But it doesn't matter. What matters is that a) I have time off, which means I'll be sometimes working out during the day and will be able to watch TV in the evenings like a regular person and b) I'll be watching a lot of basketball. The former means I'll be home in the evenings when my DVR is recording two shows at the same time, which means I have to watch one of them, commercials and all. The latter also means I'm watching live and can't fast-forward during commercials. At least in the case of the latter, I can change channels, but it really seems like EVERYTHING is in commercial at the same time when you're trying to find something to occupy you during commercials. It's fucking evil, y'all.

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