13 November 2010

Did you guys know it was snowing?

I honestly expected my Facebook feed to be full of weather-related posts yesterday, but I guess people don't start posting about it until it happens.

Snow (and a hangover) seemed like a really good reason for me to lay my ass on the couch all day. My DVR was getting awfully full, anyway. I had to do something about that. Unfortunately, we got enough snow that the city declared a snow emergency, which meant I had to put on real pants and go out and move my car before 9:00 tonight. BOO!

I figured I could run to the grocery store while I was out (had some really good coupons that were expiring today), because how busy could it possibly be? There's a major snowstorm happening, for Christ's sake.

Of course, the grocery store was fucking busy as hell. I got what appeared to be the only open parking spot. The liquor store I drove past on the way home was also packed. People are out and about. A foot of snow is not about to stop Minneapolitans from going about their business. Why I would have thought any different is beyond me. It's not like I've not lived here for years or anything. I mean, I certainly wouldn't go out in weather like this. Oh, wait.

It was probably good I went out, because I found out my boots are in serious need of re-waterproofing. They keep out nothing. My socks were soaked because my boots were filled with water. Lovely.

Oh well. My feet are warm and dry and I'm back in yoga pants on the couch. Drive safe and be careful with your shoveling, fellow Minnesotans. That shit is HEAVY.

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