17 November 2010

Could this week possibly go any slower?

I am 100 percent certain the answer is "Hell 2-da naw." Oh my God. How is it only Wednesday? HOW?

Perhaps it's because tomorrow is my last day of work for well more than a week. Perhaps it's because I'm itching to see The Boy I Currently Like. Perhaps I'm something of a nutter. I don't know. It could really be any or all of those things. But this week is draaaaaaging.

The fact that I've been staying up late and therefore have been tired all day isn't helping matters, either. Add to that boring work and god-fucking-awful meetings (more on that later), and I'm something of a mess.

I think that fatigue was a factor in my forgetting to pack a shirt for the gym this morning. I was debating whether or not to work out in Uptown or St. Louis Park and I packed my gym bag at the last minute and I just didn't do a very good job. So, that has made my night feel interminable. Plus, I feel gross not working out. Fun.

Since I'd have all evening at home, I decided to make these muffins I saw on the Internets. They have ground flax (I ground mine myself!) and wheat germ. I mean, I might as well have gone to the gym if I eat one of these, right? They're not bad, as it turns out. A little flax-y tasting, but that's okay.

Unfortunately, the Wolves game was not on TV, as I thought it would be. I swear to God, they keep changing which games are on TV and which aren't. I should do a screen shot or something. I've been listening to the game, when my Internets are cooperating. But it's not the same. Though, it's less of a distraction when I'm in the kitchen. So maybe it's not all bad?

I was going to write about our benefits meeting today ... our plan is changing again, of course. My premium is going up about $11 per paycheck, which isn't bad. However, my prescription costs are going up close to $150 a month. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 percent. My deductible is going up about $1,000. AWESOME. The good news is our 401k match is improving (and everyone else's is getting worse) and eventually, the entire company will be on our no carryover of PTO scheme. But that will be in 2012. Assholes.

Hey, I get all this time off, though. To do nothing.

Even more good news -- my aunt just called and we're having a shower for SILTB the night before Family Christmas. Then the other side of the family is having one a month later. Then it's the wedding. Any fleeting notions I had of possibly giving in and going to the farm for Thanksgiving are gone. I just can't.


Minneapolist said...

No. The week cannot go by any slower. And it's cold to boot!

Jess said...

It's EXCRUCIATING (the slow pace of the week, that is). But I'm about five minutes away from blowing this pop stand and starting my do-nothing vacation when I get home from the gym. I think maybe I can make it.

The thing about the cold is, I heard it was going to be even colder next week. BOO!