19 October 2010

You won't remember this when you're being an asshole.

I've been on "vacation" the past two days. I took yesterday and today off to hang out with my nephew, who is off school all week, while my sister had teacher conferences today. Unfortunately, I had to work both days, so Nephew and I didn't get to do anything fun, but he's a real homebody anyway.

Did I mention I spent nine hours with him today and he forgot to take his ADD meds? Holy. Fucking. Shit. Look, this runs in the family. My brother and I were discussing whether we might have a touch of adult ADD a couple of years ago and my dad was all, "Oh yeah, I have that. So does your uncle. You guys probably do, too." Hey, thanks for telling me. I mean, I figured it out on my own, but still. It's nice to know these family history things before they start messing with you.

So, I'm trying to work on this horrible, horrible, horrible project, while Nephew is talking constantly, throwing a ball against the wall over, and over, and over again ... I was working the whole time, but I don't think I got as much done as I might have with fewer distractions that weren't of my own doing.

But I was happy to hang out with him and give my sister a hand. I love the kid. She sent an appreciative text, so ...

And now tomorrow, I'm going to drive back out to the southern suburb in which my sister lives after work, for the fourth time in five days, to pick my mom up to take her into The Big City for Nephew's championship football game.

I offered to do this all on my own, I might add. See, Mom doesn't drive in Minneapolis. She'll actually only drive as far as my sister's suburb. She'll go to my brother's suburb as well, but he's further out than my sister, so it doesn't count. My brother isn't going to the game (apparently, his basketball league is more important) and my dad isn't going (harvesting the crops is more important) and mom has to work, so she wouldn't be able to be at my sister's house in time to ride with her.

It's not even a huge deal. My bus pass is fucked up, so I'd have to pay cash for my bus trip there and back, plus admission and food ... With mom going, she'll pay my $5 to get in and probably get me some grub, too. So the gas money and frustration of driving downtown will probably be worth it?

Of course, no one will remember these nice things I've done for the family when they next decide to be assholes to me. Oh well.

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