27 October 2010

Remember what I said about the "Culture of Meanness?"

Here I thought being sexist assholes objectifying women was mean. I didn't think I'd have to write about a Tea Party Douchecanoe assaulting a woman at a Rand Paul rally who thinks he is owed and apology.

I really want to be more eloquent and write a well thought-out post about this, but I'm just too angry and terrified. I think the anger is obvious, but the terror may not be. On the one hand, the Tea Party is a joke. Christine O'Donnell, anyone?

This Matt Taibbi article from Rolling Stone really kind of lays it out there -- essentially, these people are full of shit. They are Tea Partiers, but they seem to subscribe to the IOKIYAR (It's OK If You're A Republican) philosophy. "Welfare is bad, but don't you dare take away my Medicare!"

The terror comes from the idea that these fuckers could end up in Congress or governorships, or really any sort of position of potential power. That this attitude is okay -- the incredibly thinly-veiled racism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, proud ignorance ... What. The. Fuck? It's 2010. It's almost 2011, for Christ's sake. Why does it feel like we're moving backward?

If I wasn't so tired and overworked and so completely flabbergasted and frustrated, I'd write something eloquent and coherent. Or, I hope I would. As it is, I'm trying my best to educate and enlighten. And I'm sure as fuck voting on Tuesday. I can't despair. Not yet.


Anonymous said...

it's astounding how viscious (sp?) and hateful these people are, never mind that some of them are going to be holding public office. god help us.

Jess said...

Yes. How dare you exercise your First Amendment rights to speech and assembly when your views don't agree with mine.

Hey, look! More Repblican/Tea Bagger men assaulting women!

Mr.B said...

You really need to read more than the Huffpo for news.


Your lack of objectivity is incredibly large.

Would that you used the same criteria for the lefties.

But you seem to be unable to.

I find that lack of objectivity sad. You are fairly intelligent, yet blinded by partisanship.

Jess said...

Nice try, but I don't read HuffPo.