26 October 2010

I tried.

Given the way my schedule has been lately, I decided that I would work late at the office and go straight to the gym instead of coming home in between. With the horrible weather and my general tired/laziness of late, I figured it was the best way to make sure I made it to yoga.

I ended up staying later than I had originally intended. By the time I trudged up to the top of the parking ramp and struggled against the wind to get into my car, it was 6:30 at least. As I started up my car, a lady approached and said something I couldn't really understand, between my closed window/door and the wind. Rolled down the window and I realized she was asking about jumper cables.

As it turns out, I'd seen her car with it's lights on when I parked in the morning. I wondered if maybe they were the lights that stay on for a while after you turn it off. How the fuck was I supposed to know? I guess I could have made a note and sent it to the building management, but who knows if the lady ever would have found out?

I pulled in next to her on the side she said her battery was on, and got out. She then said the battery was on the other side, so I moved my car. We had some problems. Most of the lights on the top of the ramp were out. It was dark, so that made it nearly impossible to see. It was FUCKING WINDY (it was a struggle to close my trunk with the wind blowing into it). Her battery connections were shitty. She had no coat and was wearing sandals.

She gave up before I was ready to give up. I kind of made her keep trying a bit longer after she said, "I'll just take the bus." In my defense, I didn't know she was wearing sandals and I'd offered mittens and sweatshirts. Oh, she'd also forgotten her cell phone.

Because I couldn't help her, I took her over to the transit station at the MOA. It was the least I could do. She was really nice and thanked me profusely and said "God bless you!" which, for once, didn't make me all angry.

I didn't do such a good job trying to do a good deed, but what can you do?

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