14 October 2010

I should probably be working and other odds and ends.

Shit hit the motherfucking fan at work this morning. I had a very strong inkling it would. I've got these three projects going, and one got pushed to the back burner a bit because one is due tomorrow. There was no one to help me on the project that was falling behind, because everyone is ridiculously fucking busy.

So, I got yelled at (over e-mail) by the dick client who has talked to me as if I'm a slow child and didn't apologize (or even acknowledge) for calling me a half hour after our scheduled meeting time on the occasion where he talked to me as if I was a moron.

For once, I mostly let it roll off my back. Usually, I take these things to heart and would have ended up in tears. As The Boy I Currently Like has said a number of times, I'm "a crier." Does this mean I'm getting tougher? That I'm just too tired to fucking care? Eh. Whatever. There is only so much time in a day and I've been sick.

My boss tried to scare up some help for me, and his struggles really illustrate just how thinly we're stretched. No one in our office had any time at all. He contacted several, if not a dozen, contractors. None of them had time either. Because they're already working on other things for us. Yet, we won't be hiring anyone until after the first of the year. Awesome! I guess the boss will probably be able to replace the only two employees in the other department he manages that quit and left him with 10 unfinished projects and no one to do them.

He made a point to tell me that none of this reflected poorly on me; that I was still doing great work. It was nice to hear. Then later on in the day, the dick client's liaison called me to apologize for the dick client being a dick and she also told me I'd been doing great work for them for years.

I had planned to work tonight. But the e-mails I sent myself haven't all arrived yet. Oh well. I didn't leave the office until 6:30, for fuck's sake. My brain isn't functioning. I can't do any work. I can barely write this fucking blog post.

There were some other odds and ends I apparently was going to mention, according to the title of this post. The only one I can think of is that today is the day that I met The Boy three years ago. That's pretty neat.

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