30 October 2010

I am excited about the Wolves and I'm okay with that.

I've put in many difficult years as a Timberwolves fan, so I'd be okay with rooting for a team that Vegas projects to win 23.5 games this year regardless.

However, I'm actually super excited this team. I'm really, genuinely excited about them. I was mocked a little on Facebook for posting that I was excited about the game. So what if I'm a masochist? So. What.

The Boy I Currently Like and I watched the Wolves beat up on The Boy I Currently Like's Better Looking Friend's Milwaukee Bucks last night, and it was awesome. We called The Boy I Currently Like's Better Looking Friend to taunt him. That turned into a long phone call that, once I got on the phone, turned into a discussion about keeping my man on a leash and both of us being bitten on the inner thigh as punishment for something. It was delightful.

Anyway, back to the Wolves. I read something today about Anthony Tolliver, who is fast becoming my favorite player. It seems that he did a video this summer that was a play on LeBron's "Decision." And as it turns out, LeBron is being a humourless dick about it. Shocking, I'm sure. I mean, a guy who would have a one-hour special about whether he was going to leave his team or not certainly wouldn't be a humourless asshole, would he?

So, apparently, Tolliver and the Wolves are on LeBron's "list." For the excoriating video below.

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