25 October 2010

Enjoying it while it lasts.

I can't really say "Everything's coming up Milhouse," because ... well, it's not. However, things are not completely terrible.

My cold is pretty much gone. I worked out yesterday and tonight without falling into a coughing fit; nor did I finish my workout with a headache either day. I felt super-great after my workout tonight. In fact, I had to hold back a bit so as to not hurt myself doing too much too soon after taking it easy for a couple of weeks.

One bad thing about the gym, though -- well, two, actually. First, I ran into another guy I know. Actually, it's not that bad. I think the people I know at the gym will generally leave me alone. At least the guy I ran into tonight didn't see me until I said "Hi" to him. As someone who is in her own little world about 85 percent of the time, I see this as a good sign.

The other bad thing about the gym tonight was that it was PACKED. It's just the end of October. And it's the first kind of shitty day in ages (more on this later). If it was this bad tonight, it's going to be an utter nightmare after the first of the year. I'll be working out at like, 10:00 p.m. Yikes!

When I got home, I was feeling daring and checked my work e-mail. No yell-y e-mails from the client in response to my update e-mail. Yet. I don't have high hopes about this, but for the time being, things are okay. If I'd had a yell-y e-mail in my inbox, I wouldn't have bothered to work tonight. I'm still not working a lot, but I did a bit, since I felt not-horrible about work.

I thought there were some other things that made me feel pretty okay today, but I can't remember what they were. My fantasy football team is certainly not one of those things. They are sucking ASS. I guess not getting yelled at and having a good workout are enough.

There is no doubt in my mind tomorrow will suck in some way, shape or form. It's Monday in a Hat, for Christ's sake.

We have some sort of crazy fucking weather on the way. The Weather Channel is calling it a "bombogenesis." Whatever the fuck that means. (I'm not watching that video.) I heard on The Current this afternoon, when Bob Collins was on with Mary Lucia, that the crazy dude from The Weather Channel, who goes wherever the insane weather is in the U.S., is on his way here. That can't be good. Nor can the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded in the state.

But whatever. My heat is on and I got my AC unit out of the window yesterday, so I am good to go.

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