02 September 2010


Okay, it's one vacation day. And I have to do an hour-long conference call tomorrow morning. And I'll probably have to do some work throughout the rest of the weekend. And I worked two 10-hour days this week.

BUT! I don't have to go to the office tomorrow. That, of course, means I don't get my CSA vegetables. I hung around until 6:30 tonight, hoping the girl who went to pick them up a couple hours prior to that would come back with our vegetables. Twas a no-go, though. There's still the Uptown Market on Sunday. And apparently, the fam will be picking me up on Saturday for the Twins game, so I will get vegetables from my mom's garden.

Saturday's so far away, though. Tomorrow, The Boy I Currently Like and I are going back to Como Zoo to see the relatively new baby giraffe. I'm way super stoked about this. I suppose the reasons are twofold: I get to spend some time with The Boy and the pictures I've seen of that baby giraffe are fucking ridiculous. It's SO CUTE. Plus, I'll get a corndog.

There are errands to run, as well. I've been putting off the purchase of many things over the last couple of weeks because I've been broke. So, I have quite a list. There is also booze to purchase. I'm stoked because Byerly's has Hendrick's Gin for $19.99. It's usually like, $31 or something. YAY for cheaper booze!

In between the work and Zoo and corndog eating, I'll have to do some tidying up if the fam is going to be stopping here. I don't want to do too much, because no matter how much I do, my mom and/or sister will talk shit about my housekeeping skills. It will take every ounce of my being to not tell them to fuck the hell off and get out of my house. But I'm trying to be CIVIL.

My being civil made Tuesday at the nephew's first football game a not-terrible experience. I didn't know my brother and SILTB would be there, but I managed to deal with it alright, I think. Several hours on Saturday, though ... but there will be BEER and BASEBALL. I should be able to handle it, right?

Here I am, writing more of nothing. Sorry. I'm just wiped out this week. I meant to blog after my fantasy football draft last night, but I was just tired. I like my team, though. I mean, it's not hard to like your team when someone in your division takes Ricky Williams in the fourth round. At least he's in the league this year.

There was a lot of political stuff I wanted to write about this week, but I'm currently terrified/depressed and just can't bear to do it. I seriously had a moment of "I don't think I can live in this world," earlier today. It was scary.

No mind, though. It's the weekend (for me) and I have fun things planned. Life is okay. Really. It is.


Mimi said...

I feel your pain. I've been on PTO (vacation) for two days. I worked for 2 hours yesterday and have a 2 hour conference call today, with a bunch of Americans, the Friday before Labor Day. Who does that?

Yes, I'm fortunate to have a job, etc.. but really we need to hire a few more people. There is no wiggle room if someone is out and some work comes to a stand still.

Jess said...

Sounds like that's how it is everywhere. And I highly doubt any of us will get any relief any time soon. Which sucks. Employers shed more jobs than they needed to and they're not going to bring people back/more people on until they're at the point where they'll start losing money/opportunities. Yay for all of us.

Oh well, we have jobs and even though I had to do a conference call I still got to go to the Zoo this afternoon.