19 September 2010

That wasn't nearly enough.

How is tomorrow Monday already? It seems really unfair for it to sneak up on me so soon.

I managed to work just an eight-ish hour day on Friday. Saturday, I didn't work at all. I had thought maybe I would work today, especially because I have a short week, but I said to myself "Fuck that shit." That's fucking right. Fuck that shit.

Part of the reason I didn't work was because I slept in, which kind of fucked up my schedule. However, I needed that extra sleep something awful. I noticed late last week that I've been clenching my teeth. A lot. And hard. I've been dimly aware of it for a while, but it's gotten really bad lately, because work has been stressing my ass out.

So, I woke up at like, 8:00 Saturday morning after The Boy I Currently Like and I went to bed around 4:00. When we stay up that late, I tend to drink a considerable amount of red wine. I did so this time and when I woke up, I had a really fucking horrible headache. But it wasn't just a red wine headache. Oh no. It went down through my neck and all the way into my upper back and shoulders (clenching my teeth is actually a new wrinkle to my stress headaches, I usually just carry it all in my shoulders/neck/head). Oh God. It was almost unbearable.

Even after my red wine headache was conquered by ibuprofen, water, more sleep and a little lovin', I still had the teeth-clenching headache. That eventually was replaced by some horrible fucking sinus thing. Yesterday was not a good day for me, is what I'm saying.

The extra sleep last night (interrupted by The New Upstairs Neighbor and Co. herding elephants and moving furniture at 3:56 a.m.) was apparently something of a godsend. I didn't feel awful today; in fact, I feel pretty good. I got to the gym; hit the grocery store and Uptown Market (where I got FRESH BRUSSELS SPROUTS. I'm a little excited, if you can't tell); did two loads of laundry and made fresh vegetable chili and cornbread. Oh, I did dishes, too. Not bad, I'd say.

The chili was part of an effort to clean out my fridge. I made some headway, but despite the fact that I've had only one CSA box over the last three weeks, I still feel like I have a shitload of vegetables in my fridge and stashed in other areas around my kitchen. I did no cooking last week or last weekend. Just didn't have the energy. I hate that. My mom's garden won't have much left shortly. The Uptown Market's last day is coming up on Sunday and we only have four boxes from the CSA left. I only get three of those four, too.

I'm only getting three of the next four boxes because I'm not working Thursday or Friday this week. Can you believe it? TWO DAYS OFF? I'm thinking I really won't have time to work even if I wanted to, out of some misguided sense of ... um, stupidity, I guess. My cousin is getting married on Friday, and the fam is coming to town Thursday, so of course, I took both days off. I don't want to miss out on Family Drinking Time.

Also, apparently most of the fam is heading down to the farm on Saturday, but I don't think I'm going to do that. I think two days of family is plenty. And if I go to the farm, I'll have to interact with my immediate family more and I'd rather not do that. Plus, the Uptown VFW Block Party is on Saturday. I should really go to the last block party of the year, right?

The wedding isn't the only thing going on this week. I'm going to the Twins game tomorrow with the work crew. And Wednesday, I'm going to see Arcade Fire with Law Talkin' Gal and her man. This is a pretty big week. And I'm not really dreading a whole lot of it. So, there's that.

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