27 September 2010

A missed opportunity.

Apparently, with all the sneezing, wheezing and whatnot, my coworkers thought I was sick. Sadly, this is just how I am at this time of year (how appropriate -- I sneezed while typing this). My allergies are on crack at this point.

I didn't think I felt shitty, but when my coworker said something, I started thinking about it.

Okay -- I don't feel sick. But I do feel kind of shitty. I'm sneezing a lot. I'm congested. I'm coughing. I've been using my inhaler a bit more than normal lately. My eyes are itchy. I've got headaches -- either due to sinus congestion, general dryness in my sinuses or because I've been using the shit out of my Flonase (plus, the tension headaches totally unrelated to my allergies). Apparently, I have a bit of a wheeze in my voice. My nose is dry, flaky and kind of raw. Oh, and all of this makes me feel extra tired. Sometimes it's just the allergy-related fatigue, but other times it is the drug-affected sleep (thanks, Benadryl!) or the drug-affected non-sleep (thanks maybe not so much, Sudafed).

But I'm not sick. This is my normal for this time of year. It sucks and as much as I hate to do it, I'm looking forward to the first good freeze. I'm totally open to unseasonably warm weather after the vegetation has been sufficiently frozen, however.


Anonymous said...

wow, you must have a sensitive system - i can take sudafed at night and go right to sleep. benedryl does put me right out tho.

Jess said...

Well, it's usually more likely to happen if I take two Sudafed at bedtime. And I'll do that if I'm super-congested. Then I wake up two or four hours later all jittery and shit. It's pretty dumb of me to do it.

I am more sensitive to decongestants than I used to be, for sure. If I take Claritin-D or an equivalent, it's like taking a bunch of consecutive hits from my inhaler. Wheeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

i was thinking about your posting and couldn't help but wonder if my problem was allergies too. what specifically are you allergic to?