30 September 2010

Almost there.

Man. I feel like a broken record. Another ass-kicking week is thankfully coming to a close. Well, last week wasn't a full work ass-kicking week. However, two days of heavy drinking and family kicked my ass enough to be just like work. But with booze.

I fell like a big piece of shit because I didn't go to the gym tonight. I probably could have gone and put in a half hour, but it was late, I was hungry and tired and blah, blah, blah. Basically, I suck. It's not like I've done any of the things I said I'd never get done if I did go to the gym. Well, I managed to trim my nails. And I'm going to clean my bathroom sink area and do my dishes. As soon as I finish writing this.

After family fun time last weekend, this would have been a great weekend to hang out with The Boy I Currently Like. Alas, he's out of town. Drinking with The Boy I Currently Like's Better-Looking Friend at this very moment. I mean, I assume they're still drinking. That's what they were doing about an hour-and-a-half ago.

By the time next weekend rolls around, it will have been three weeks since we last saw each other. I cannot remember the last time I went that long without seeing him. I think it has to have been well more than a year ago. I'm MEGA bummed about it. Like, really fucking sad. I mean, not like, despondent or anything. But totally bummed.

At least I get to have a little fun tomorrow at The GTs' apple fest. I'm not sure I'll be bobbing for apples, but then again, why the fuck not? I'm very much looking forward to seeing the Classy Broads & Co., as well as my favorite CORGI! in the entire world. A handful of CORGI! will cure what ails you, I'm sure.

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