10 August 2010

Urge to kill rising ... Rising ...

How terribly appropriate that I'm watching the Simpsons episode from which that quote comes.

I e-mailed my brother today to find out when I needed to be where on Saturday. I get this response: "All you have to do is show up at 1:00pm at the golf course with a smile on your face and maybe a beverage in hand."

My mom told me this, since I said I wasn't golfing: "You can ride in the cart or stay in the club house. Bring a book. Visit with who ever else is not golfing. Whatever."

Fucking awesome. I can't fucking wait for this. My brother apparently also thought that my asking about when to show up on Saturday meant I was asking if I could help with anything. Uh, I got an invitation and had to RSVP. I'm missing one of my favorite annual Minneapolis events and also missing one of my favorite bands in the whole wide world, that I've not seen in almost three years, at First Ave. I'm not doing a goddamn thing to help. I'm a guest and I expect to be treated as such.

I'm practicing my fake smile as we speak.

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