26 August 2010

Things always start to look better on Thirsty Thursday.

Especially when it actually IS Thursday. I spent pretty much all day yesterday certain it was Thursday. Imagine my crushing disappointment each time I was confronted with the awful truth.

My weekend got a little better and a little worse today. The little better part is that I don't have to be fitted for my bridesmaid dress on Saturday. I can go in any time until the 10th and do it. That gives me a full week to work with after I get paid. That's a pretty big weight off my shoulders. I mean, I'm still broke as fuck for the next week, but now I don't have to worry about this particular thing. Nor do I have to be measured in front of the other bridesmaids. So really, the humiliation factor is pretty minimal.

The little worse part for the weekend is that I won't get to see The Boy I Currently Like. It's his fantasy football draft weekend and he's actually going to the draft this year and The Boy I Currently Like's Better-Looking Friend is coming to town for the draft, so it's going to be a full-on Boy Bonding Weekend. Oh, he said, "If we do something fun and even moderately lady-friendly, I'll let you know, though." But I don't see that happening.

What I learned from this is that I've found that balance between letting him know I'm disappointed that I won't get to see him, but that I totally understand why and I'm certainly not mad. I'm pretty proud of myself for finally getting that right.

It'll probably do me some good to have a weekend alone. I'll go to the gym and maybe do some baking. I may be broke, but I seem to have plenty of booze, so at least I can get drunk and entertain myself. Or just get drunk and tired and go to be early. Whatever. I still have to get through tomorrow. Lots to do (in fact, I'm going to do some work as soon as I finish writing this here blog post) and less time than normal to do it, because I'm leaving early to get my eyes checked. YEAH! Let the crazy fun weekend BEGIN with an eye exam.


Reuben said...

Sounds like a good weekend to start a comic book collection!

Anonymous said...

gee, that isn't what i would have thought of first thing. but hey, that's just me.

Jess said...

Why start my own collection when I can read The Boy's comics? I have the last several issues of Air, two volumes of Planetary and a couple of something else I can't remember that I need to read.