15 August 2010


My little shindig on Friday night turned out SUPER AWESOME. I figured it was probably going to be good going in, because everyone RSVPed in some fashion or another. That has never, ever happened for me.

Got out of work early and hopped on over to Chicago Lake Liquors to get beer and wine. Their beer was a dollar or two cheaper than what I might get elsewhere, but my beloved Bota Boxes? A full $4 less than I pay at the Richfield muni and even $2 less than when Hennepin Lake Liquors has them on sale.

I've found my new liquor store. They're open until 10:00 every day (unlike many Minneapolis liquor stores) and they're on the way to/from The Boy I Currently Like's house. I didn't check out their prices on my liquors of choice, but I'm assuming they are also super affordable. YAY!

So yeah, the party. It was delightful. Too many people brought their own booze, though. I have lots of stuff left over. That just means I'll have to have another party, right?

I didn't bill it as a chance to meet The Boy I Currently Like, but he'd said he was attending, so it kinda was that. And he not only attended, he had a not terrible time. In fact, he said he had a wonderful time. I mean, it turned out he knew probably as many people as he didn't, given the friends of mine he met and the friends of his I invited. But still. In the e-mails he sent me later that evening, he sounded a little excited.

That made me very happy. Seeing friends I feel like I've not seen very much also made me very happy. My new friends, who I have met through The Boy, showing up made me very happy as well. Almost everything about it made me super-awesomely happy.

I say "almost everything" because there's always something, right? I've decided I won't be inviting Blondie to any more parties. Maybe not even to any more stuff. She has a habit of bringing people none of us know (without asking, I might add) and then inviting random dudes to show up later in the evening. And then they all stay later than everyone else. She does this at parties and out at events (like, say, my birthday party crashed by Fat Mike the Gangsta and Mr. J). It's one thing to bring someone I know, but this is my house and it's clearly a small group of people. So, bringing some girl none of us know is bad enough. But inviting your "28-year-old hottie" you met through a dating site (and may or may not have met in person yet, I was never quite clear on that) to come over to my house and drink beer I bought for my friends is entirely another thing. I'm just done with that shit.

But whatever. I had a fucking awesome evening and I thought it would really carry me through the shitty part of my weekend. Not so much, however.

I'm not sure how to sum up the family thing. I cried all my makeup off in the afternoon. Golf was exactly as awful as I imagined it. You see, I'm the asshole for not enjoying watching these women I DON'T KNOW, because no one introduced us, shank golf balls a maximum of 10 feet in any direction but forward.

My dad had a little talk with me before I left today, essentially telling me I'm an asshole and I need to be happy about doing all of these things I hate. Sure, I could have said I didn't want to be in the wedding, but you know these people as well as I do, and you know they would talk mad shit about me until the end of time because of it. He didn't argue that point. Didn't argue any of my points, really. But I'm still the asshole.

Since I can't get out of any of this stuff, I have no other choice than to spend as little time with my family as possible when it is not wedding-related stuff. I guess it is good that I've started BaconQuest 2010, because with spending as little as possible time with my family, I'm going to need to get pork products from elsewhere. The thing I'm most sad about is not getting to spend time with Brandi, my favorite dog in the world.

I'm very glad to have friends who I love dearly, and who love me back. The Boy even noticed this. Law Talkin' Gal said the party was like a family reunion, and you know what? It was, because I love these people like they were my family. They ARE my family. Just because we're not related by blood doesn't mean anything. They know me better than my blood relatives know me and the love me for who I am, unlike my actual family. I'm so fucking glad I have them.


Anonymous said...

glad your party went well, sorry your family are (?) assholes.

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