10 August 2010

I was number 45 in my precinct to vote. If I remember correctly, the last primary in which I voted, I was No. 38. So that's good. Sounds like turnout is pretty good so far today (the stream may have slowed during the recent thunderstorm that passed through, though). That makes me happy, especially since there's just one hotly-contested race.

Now I can smugly wear my "I voted" sticker around all day and let everyone know I did my civic duty.

Shortly after I got into the office, I got to overhear two coworkers talk about voting. The older coworker was trying to convince the younger coworker to vote for the DFL-endorsed candidate, Margaret Anderson Kelliher. Younger coworker said he'd been leaning toward voting for Mark Dayton.

Listening to that shit is uncomfortable. It reminded me a little bit of my experience with the DFL canvasser right before the 2006 election. He told me I was throwing my vote away if I didn't vote for the DFL candidate, who I really didn't like at all. Turns out my vote didn't matter, because he lost anyway and here we sit with T-Paw, the absentee governor.

For the record, I voted for Dayton. I honestly could have voted for any of the three candidates and I'll happily vote for whichever of them is on the ballot in November. But policy-wise, I agree most with Dayton. The older coworker's pitch for Kelliher seemed to focus on the fact that she has more contacts around the state and will compromise with the legislature. Younger coworker likes the fact that Dayton is more aggressive. In addition to agreeing with him policy-wise, I like that, too.

Honestly, I'm kind of sick of the DFL in Minnesota and the Democratic party nationwide trying to compromise with the right only to end up folding or making serious concessions. We don't have to be the party of no, but Jesus Christ, grow a pair and fight for what you believe in. I'm tired of this culture of meanness that was ushered in with the Pawlenty administration. I'm tired of education being seen as a bad thing. I'm sick of immigrant-bashing and religious intolerance. I want Minnesota to be great again.

Whoever wins today had damn well better defeat Tom Emmer in November. The idea of him being our governor terrifies and depresses me.


Mimi said...

I agree with this 100%. An Emmer win would make me miss Jessie.

Jess said...

Honestly, Pawlenty has made me miss Jesse the Guv. I can't imagine how bad it would be if Emmer would win.

Dayton for Governor!