29 August 2010

I totally made all that food I said I was going to make.

Granted, I'd made most of it by the time I wrote last night. But I totally followed through and made the naan, basil pesto (I'm distinguishing because I made cilantro pesto earlier this summer) and oven-roasted vegetables that are in the vein of ratatouille.

I'm actually pretty impressed with how the naan turned out. There's entirely too much of it, of course. Thankfully, I have a lot of room in my freezer at the moment. So, I'll be freezing some of it. And some of the cookies. I think my lunch (and dinner, quite frankly) is squared away for the week, with the chicken pot pie I made last night, and the oven-roasted vegetables and brown rice I made tonight.

This week is going to be busy, family-tastic, and blessedly short, work-wise. I know there is a shitload of stuff to do at work. There's extra pressure, because I'm taking Friday off. Mostly because I have so fucking much vacation time to use yet. But also, it's The Boy I Currently Like's last summer Friday and I believe we are going back to Como Zoo to see the new BABY GIRAFFE. That fucker was born/put on display just days after we were there. SO NOT FAIR. Because that baby giraffe is ridiculously adorable. We might play some mini golf, too. Just depends on how much time we have, I guess.

Tuesday will be the first time I see any of my family members since the whole horrible golf weekend. It's my nephew's first football game of the season. I doubt everyone will be there, and I'm not entirely sure I want to go. I mean, I absolutely want to go because I love my nephew to pieces and he actually wants me at his football games because he knows I know something about football. I don't know why he doesn't realize I know just as much about basketball and baseball, but he's a stupid kid. So, you know. Anyway, so I'm going to that.

So, everyone may or may not be there for the football game on Tuesday. But the entire family is going to the Twins game on Saturday. We have sweet-ass (or they should be, considering how much they cost) seats and you know, there will be a TWINS GAME happening, so I won't have to do a shitload of interacting with the family, but I'm not super looking forward to it. There's already been discussion about whether or not I have to ride to the game with the family. That seems dumb to me, since I can take the bus easily. But whatever. I don't think it'll be some all-day family extravaganza. I hope.

Oh, and Wednesday is my fantasy football draft. I'm pretty fucking stoked for that. I think I can get through this week. There is stuff going on during the week and actual events at places this weekend. So, yay.

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