12 August 2010

Busy bee.

Goodness, where has this week gone? I've been busy doing stuff after the gym around the house, as I'm having a few people over tomorrow evening. Normally, I have a party to coincide with the Pizza Luce Block Party. However, since I have that family/wedding party golf thing on Saturday (which happens to be the day of the Pizza Luce Block Party), I can't have my party.

So, I scaled it down for a Friday after work. Because I was feeling cheated. I scaled it down considerably, in fact, because The Boy I Currently Like will be attending. I'm a little (okay, a lot) shocked that he so easily agreed to come. Plus, I've not seen a some of my people enough this summer.

As it turns out, he'll know more people than he won't. That seems odd, but I did invite some of his friends. I waffled on that issue for a while. Do I know them well enough? Will it make him feel more at ease? At the end of the day I decided I would invite them because a) I like them and b) they'd probably like to see him.

This is the first party I've EVER had where everyone has RSVPed in some fashion, a full day before the party. Well, I did have to ask Macho Man. But I had assumed correctly that he was coming. I was mostly just checking. I'm mildly more disconcerted by the RSVP rate than I am about The Boy's willingness to attend.

So, hopefully everything will work out. Weather looks super iffy. But there will be booze, so I think things should be okay. I hope.


Reuben said...

So I thought you and The Boy were totally dating. I've been reading your blog for way over a year and it seems like you've pretty much been dating the entire time. So I'm always shocked when you're shocked that he wants to spend time together. What am I missing?

Jess said...

It's closer to three years now, actually.

I'm not really shocked or surprised that he wants to spend time with me; it's the doing stuff with other people that is surprising. He has anxiety disorder, so that kind of thing is hard for him -- even when it's his own friends he's known for years.

But he's also set in his ways and has his own little quirks and issues (just like I do), so yeah, sometimes it is a bit surprising that he'd want to hang out two days in a row or that he would say yes to meeting my friends or whatever.

He's complicated. What can you do?