01 August 2010

August? Really?

When you were a kid, did time seem to pass so very slowly? It sure seemed to for me. Every now and again, an adult would say, "Wait until you get older; time will start to fly by." I'll be goddamned if they weren't right.

I am honestly not sure where this year has gone. It's August already, for Christ's sake. When I heard about my brother's upcoming nuptials, I was like, "How am I going to deal with 14 months of this shit?" And now, here we are -- half the time has passed. Yikes.

Last weekend, someone was lamenting the end of summer. But summer really isn't over yet! Except, the writing is on the wall, even though it's disgustingly hot and humid today. Some kids are going back to school in like, a week. I wonder how old I'll have to be to stop viewing a calendar year in terms of the school year.

I won't let summer pass me by. The Boy I Currently Like and I are going to use his summer hours to do something later this week and there are still block parties to attend, and for Christ's sake -- I haven't had a party to utilize my deck yet this year. That has got to change and soon.

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