31 August 2010

Are you ready for some football?

Shit, I know I am. Tonight was my nephew's first football game of the season. Unfortunately, I was a mosquito buffet and had to leave at half time. I have bites everywhere -- including my ass and inner thigh. Am I gonna be classy the next few days or what?

Tomorrow is my fantasy football draft, and I'm expecting big things for The Bob Saget Fan Club. Last year was the first time I didn't make the playoffs and I still ended up with $50 coming to me. I must have a pretty good spot in the draft, but I honestly don't know where I'm drafting yet. These hippie stoner motherfuckers don't have their shit very together. I'm sure I'll know ... well, when it's my turn, anyway.

If all that wasn't enough, Golden Gopher Football! starts Thursday. Pretty sweet football week, all things considered.

29 August 2010

I totally made all that food I said I was going to make.

Granted, I'd made most of it by the time I wrote last night. But I totally followed through and made the naan, basil pesto (I'm distinguishing because I made cilantro pesto earlier this summer) and oven-roasted vegetables that are in the vein of ratatouille.

I'm actually pretty impressed with how the naan turned out. There's entirely too much of it, of course. Thankfully, I have a lot of room in my freezer at the moment. So, I'll be freezing some of it. And some of the cookies. I think my lunch (and dinner, quite frankly) is squared away for the week, with the chicken pot pie I made last night, and the oven-roasted vegetables and brown rice I made tonight.

This week is going to be busy, family-tastic, and blessedly short, work-wise. I know there is a shitload of stuff to do at work. There's extra pressure, because I'm taking Friday off. Mostly because I have so fucking much vacation time to use yet. But also, it's The Boy I Currently Like's last summer Friday and I believe we are going back to Como Zoo to see the new BABY GIRAFFE. That fucker was born/put on display just days after we were there. SO NOT FAIR. Because that baby giraffe is ridiculously adorable. We might play some mini golf, too. Just depends on how much time we have, I guess.

Tuesday will be the first time I see any of my family members since the whole horrible golf weekend. It's my nephew's first football game of the season. I doubt everyone will be there, and I'm not entirely sure I want to go. I mean, I absolutely want to go because I love my nephew to pieces and he actually wants me at his football games because he knows I know something about football. I don't know why he doesn't realize I know just as much about basketball and baseball, but he's a stupid kid. So, you know. Anyway, so I'm going to that.

So, everyone may or may not be there for the football game on Tuesday. But the entire family is going to the Twins game on Saturday. We have sweet-ass (or they should be, considering how much they cost) seats and you know, there will be a TWINS GAME happening, so I won't have to do a shitload of interacting with the family, but I'm not super looking forward to it. There's already been discussion about whether or not I have to ride to the game with the family. That seems dumb to me, since I can take the bus easily. But whatever. I don't think it'll be some all-day family extravaganza. I hope.

Oh, and Wednesday is my fantasy football draft. I'm pretty fucking stoked for that. I think I can get through this week. There is stuff going on during the week and actual events at places this weekend. So, yay.

28 August 2010

Must. Stop. Baking.

Having an entire weekend ALL TO MYSELF has me going crazy in the kitchen. I mean, I've not spent all of my time in the kitchen. I went to the gym and did laundry today. I watched the Twins last night and today. I've watched a lot of NewsRadio from my DVR.

However, I've also made shortbread, homemade pizza, chicken pot pie (with drop biscuit top crust) and I'm close to finishing up with my chocolate cookies. Tomorrow, I'm planning on naan and a whatever-I-have-available ratatouille. Oh, and basil pesto.

The shortbread is fantastic. I finished the pizza off for lunch today. I fucked up the biscuit topping for the chicken pot pie. Well, I meant to add fresh thyme and granulated garlic and onion to the biscuit dough. I got distracted and forgot. However, even though it's a frozen-vegetable, last-of-the-rotisserie-chicken, cream-of-mushroom-soup (it's what I had), with non-flavored-biscuit-topping pot pie, I had a hard time stopping myself from eating it. I mostly made it so I didn't feel as if I was wasting the rest of the chicken.

I think the cookies are pretty good, but really sweet. Maybe they'll taste better tomorrow. Or with milk. I ate one while I was drinking a vodka-pomegranate limeade drink. The two didn't go so well together.

Probably, it would have been nice if I'd just been able to veg and lay on the couch. However, that seems to work best when I have other things to do. Ain't that always the way?

26 August 2010

Things always start to look better on Thirsty Thursday.

Especially when it actually IS Thursday. I spent pretty much all day yesterday certain it was Thursday. Imagine my crushing disappointment each time I was confronted with the awful truth.

My weekend got a little better and a little worse today. The little better part is that I don't have to be fitted for my bridesmaid dress on Saturday. I can go in any time until the 10th and do it. That gives me a full week to work with after I get paid. That's a pretty big weight off my shoulders. I mean, I'm still broke as fuck for the next week, but now I don't have to worry about this particular thing. Nor do I have to be measured in front of the other bridesmaids. So really, the humiliation factor is pretty minimal.

The little worse part for the weekend is that I won't get to see The Boy I Currently Like. It's his fantasy football draft weekend and he's actually going to the draft this year and The Boy I Currently Like's Better-Looking Friend is coming to town for the draft, so it's going to be a full-on Boy Bonding Weekend. Oh, he said, "If we do something fun and even moderately lady-friendly, I'll let you know, though." But I don't see that happening.

What I learned from this is that I've found that balance between letting him know I'm disappointed that I won't get to see him, but that I totally understand why and I'm certainly not mad. I'm pretty proud of myself for finally getting that right.

It'll probably do me some good to have a weekend alone. I'll go to the gym and maybe do some baking. I may be broke, but I seem to have plenty of booze, so at least I can get drunk and entertain myself. Or just get drunk and tired and go to be early. Whatever. I still have to get through tomorrow. Lots to do (in fact, I'm going to do some work as soon as I finish writing this here blog post) and less time than normal to do it, because I'm leaving early to get my eyes checked. YEAH! Let the crazy fun weekend BEGIN with an eye exam.

25 August 2010

Tell me something I don't know, gubernatorial candidates.

The three major candidates for governor in Minnesota had a debate about business issues earlier this week. I was particularly interested in the story because they talked about T-Paw's JOBZ initiative. They said it was a failure.

No fucking shit. I could have told you it would fail before it even got off the ground. In fact, I said as much to my boss at the time. I was working for a regional government in Southern Minnesota doing economic development.

JOBZ -- Job Opportunity Building Zones -- was supposed to be an initiative to lure businesses to Minnesota or get existing businesses to expand in Minnesota through a forgiving of taxes, among other things. It was supposed to spur economic development mostly in distressed areas, many of which were in greater Minnesota.

Several communities in our region qualified. So, we had to pitch the program to them. I did much of the research and writing of the proposal, including researching similar programs elsewhere. Part of the idea of that was to find examples of similar programs that worked. I knew it before I started doing the research, but had to confirm with examples -- programs like it all over the country were failures.

Try hyping a program you know is going to fail with only the most tepid of reviews. It isn't easy. That was one of the most challenging things I did at that job.

The program failed because it really didn't bring jobs in from elsewhere and the companies that did expand didn't do much expanding and they were planning on it anyway. The program was supposed to keep companies from leaving Minnesota. Why give them a shitton of tax breaks if they weren't leaving anyway?

Probably the worst thing about the proposal was the presentation my boss had to give in front of some state government big wigs -- including T-Paw. We sat in the front row and I had to listen to him talking about how, despite all the trouble (caused by your "I won't raise taxes, but I will fee the everloving FUCK out of you. Oh, and your local and regional governments will raise your taxes because I refuse to allow state taxes to be raised and we're going to cut aid to local government"), education and health care, social services, transportation, etc. were still doing okay in Minnesota.

I wanted to weep. And this was six years ago. Minnesota is still doing okay in many of those national ranking respects, but we're slipping and we have been slipping. The only thing that kept me from bawling while he was speaking was fantasizing about taking off my wedge-soled Mary Janes and hitting him square in the forehead with the heel. That actually felt really, really good.

So, I've got my vindication now, I guess. But it's not like I didn't know the first time I heard about it. Every time I drive past one of those signs outside of small towns around the state, I think about what a stupid fucking plan it was. It's a hollow victory, to be sure. But it's a victory, I guess.

23 August 2010

Yeah, I'm a crier. So what?

The Boy I Currently Like has been saying, "well you are a crier," or some variation of that, to me quite a bit recently. As far as I can remember, he's only seen me cry once and heard me cry over the phone one other time. But apparently I talk about it a lot.

I never considered myself a crier, but I guess I kind of am. And when I watched the video below, you better believe I bawled. And giggled. And totally cracked up. Then cried some more. (via Jezebel)

(apparently, there is a John Mayer song for a soundtrack. I watched without sound.)

20 August 2010

Pizza night!

Homemade whole wheat-flax crust, homemade sauce. Basil from the garden of ... well, I called him CocoaButt a time or two, because he sat on chocolate at The Boy I Currently Like's house. Guess that will have to do for now.

Either way -- every Friday should be Pizza Night.

18 August 2010

The culture of meanness in action.

I've said time and again that when Governor Pawlenty was elected here in Minnesota, he ushered in a culture of meanness that seems to have spread around the country (or maybe it came here upon his election) to an alarming extent in the last decade or so.

Today and yesterday, I made the stupid (stupid!) mistake of reading the comments on some stories on the Star Tribune website and they exhibited that culture of meanness so well. People saying prison rape is a good thing, that anyone who doesn't have enough food to eat is lazy and shiftless, immigrants and Democrats are ruining this world (on really any story, whether its related or not) ... just on and on. And it is so. fucking. dispiriting.

Then, the Minnesota Republican Party comes out with this little gem. This is just another example of the culture of meanness (you might want to follow that there link to Gawker and watch it there, as the video below is kinda tiny). Stay klassy, Republicans.

Gotta say, I was happy to read this message when I went to YouTube so I could embed it: "This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube's user community."


Last night was my first visit to Target Field to see the local baseballers. It was everything I could have asked for, and then some.

My sister accompanied me and my coworkers to the game and she got things started off nicely when she complained about my whistling. Fuck. Off. She wasn't too bad otherwise, I guess. And I can't say I was upset when she left at the end of the seventh to get a ride home from brother and SILTB, who were in attendance elsewhere in the park.

We got our tickets months ago -- before the season had even started -- and we couldn't possibly asked for a more beautiful evening. It was gorgeous. I have managed to get to a game against the hated Bitch Sox for a few years in a row now (if I remember correctly), and these games always have playoff implications and rarely disappoint. But a bottom of the 10th inning, walk-off, two-run homer? Possibly the first walk-off homer ever at Target Field (pretty sure I knew that going in and pretty sure I heard Dick confirm it while watching highlights)? Man, that was definitely worth the price of admission and then some.

I'm totally wiped out today, because I was super giddy when I got home last night and it took quite a while to come down from that. Again, totally worth it, though. I'll try to get some pictures posted later that are not from my shitty phone, but at least I had that one.

15 August 2010


My little shindig on Friday night turned out SUPER AWESOME. I figured it was probably going to be good going in, because everyone RSVPed in some fashion or another. That has never, ever happened for me.

Got out of work early and hopped on over to Chicago Lake Liquors to get beer and wine. Their beer was a dollar or two cheaper than what I might get elsewhere, but my beloved Bota Boxes? A full $4 less than I pay at the Richfield muni and even $2 less than when Hennepin Lake Liquors has them on sale.

I've found my new liquor store. They're open until 10:00 every day (unlike many Minneapolis liquor stores) and they're on the way to/from The Boy I Currently Like's house. I didn't check out their prices on my liquors of choice, but I'm assuming they are also super affordable. YAY!

So yeah, the party. It was delightful. Too many people brought their own booze, though. I have lots of stuff left over. That just means I'll have to have another party, right?

I didn't bill it as a chance to meet The Boy I Currently Like, but he'd said he was attending, so it kinda was that. And he not only attended, he had a not terrible time. In fact, he said he had a wonderful time. I mean, it turned out he knew probably as many people as he didn't, given the friends of mine he met and the friends of his I invited. But still. In the e-mails he sent me later that evening, he sounded a little excited.

That made me very happy. Seeing friends I feel like I've not seen very much also made me very happy. My new friends, who I have met through The Boy, showing up made me very happy as well. Almost everything about it made me super-awesomely happy.

I say "almost everything" because there's always something, right? I've decided I won't be inviting Blondie to any more parties. Maybe not even to any more stuff. She has a habit of bringing people none of us know (without asking, I might add) and then inviting random dudes to show up later in the evening. And then they all stay later than everyone else. She does this at parties and out at events (like, say, my birthday party crashed by Fat Mike the Gangsta and Mr. J). It's one thing to bring someone I know, but this is my house and it's clearly a small group of people. So, bringing some girl none of us know is bad enough. But inviting your "28-year-old hottie" you met through a dating site (and may or may not have met in person yet, I was never quite clear on that) to come over to my house and drink beer I bought for my friends is entirely another thing. I'm just done with that shit.

But whatever. I had a fucking awesome evening and I thought it would really carry me through the shitty part of my weekend. Not so much, however.

I'm not sure how to sum up the family thing. I cried all my makeup off in the afternoon. Golf was exactly as awful as I imagined it. You see, I'm the asshole for not enjoying watching these women I DON'T KNOW, because no one introduced us, shank golf balls a maximum of 10 feet in any direction but forward.

My dad had a little talk with me before I left today, essentially telling me I'm an asshole and I need to be happy about doing all of these things I hate. Sure, I could have said I didn't want to be in the wedding, but you know these people as well as I do, and you know they would talk mad shit about me until the end of time because of it. He didn't argue that point. Didn't argue any of my points, really. But I'm still the asshole.

Since I can't get out of any of this stuff, I have no other choice than to spend as little time with my family as possible when it is not wedding-related stuff. I guess it is good that I've started BaconQuest 2010, because with spending as little as possible time with my family, I'm going to need to get pork products from elsewhere. The thing I'm most sad about is not getting to spend time with Brandi, my favorite dog in the world.

I'm very glad to have friends who I love dearly, and who love me back. The Boy even noticed this. Law Talkin' Gal said the party was like a family reunion, and you know what? It was, because I love these people like they were my family. They ARE my family. Just because we're not related by blood doesn't mean anything. They know me better than my blood relatives know me and the love me for who I am, unlike my actual family. I'm so fucking glad I have them.

12 August 2010

Busy bee.

Goodness, where has this week gone? I've been busy doing stuff after the gym around the house, as I'm having a few people over tomorrow evening. Normally, I have a party to coincide with the Pizza Luce Block Party. However, since I have that family/wedding party golf thing on Saturday (which happens to be the day of the Pizza Luce Block Party), I can't have my party.

So, I scaled it down for a Friday after work. Because I was feeling cheated. I scaled it down considerably, in fact, because The Boy I Currently Like will be attending. I'm a little (okay, a lot) shocked that he so easily agreed to come. Plus, I've not seen a some of my people enough this summer.

As it turns out, he'll know more people than he won't. That seems odd, but I did invite some of his friends. I waffled on that issue for a while. Do I know them well enough? Will it make him feel more at ease? At the end of the day I decided I would invite them because a) I like them and b) they'd probably like to see him.

This is the first party I've EVER had where everyone has RSVPed in some fashion, a full day before the party. Well, I did have to ask Macho Man. But I had assumed correctly that he was coming. I was mostly just checking. I'm mildly more disconcerted by the RSVP rate than I am about The Boy's willingness to attend.

So, hopefully everything will work out. Weather looks super iffy. But there will be booze, so I think things should be okay. I hope.

10 August 2010

Urge to kill rising ... Rising ...

How terribly appropriate that I'm watching the Simpsons episode from which that quote comes.

I e-mailed my brother today to find out when I needed to be where on Saturday. I get this response: "All you have to do is show up at 1:00pm at the golf course with a smile on your face and maybe a beverage in hand."

My mom told me this, since I said I wasn't golfing: "You can ride in the cart or stay in the club house. Bring a book. Visit with who ever else is not golfing. Whatever."

Fucking awesome. I can't fucking wait for this. My brother apparently also thought that my asking about when to show up on Saturday meant I was asking if I could help with anything. Uh, I got an invitation and had to RSVP. I'm missing one of my favorite annual Minneapolis events and also missing one of my favorite bands in the whole wide world, that I've not seen in almost three years, at First Ave. I'm not doing a goddamn thing to help. I'm a guest and I expect to be treated as such.

I'm practicing my fake smile as we speak.

I was number 45 in my precinct to vote. If I remember correctly, the last primary in which I voted, I was No. 38. So that's good. Sounds like turnout is pretty good so far today (the stream may have slowed during the recent thunderstorm that passed through, though). That makes me happy, especially since there's just one hotly-contested race.

Now I can smugly wear my "I voted" sticker around all day and let everyone know I did my civic duty.

Shortly after I got into the office, I got to overhear two coworkers talk about voting. The older coworker was trying to convince the younger coworker to vote for the DFL-endorsed candidate, Margaret Anderson Kelliher. Younger coworker said he'd been leaning toward voting for Mark Dayton.

Listening to that shit is uncomfortable. It reminded me a little bit of my experience with the DFL canvasser right before the 2006 election. He told me I was throwing my vote away if I didn't vote for the DFL candidate, who I really didn't like at all. Turns out my vote didn't matter, because he lost anyway and here we sit with T-Paw, the absentee governor.

For the record, I voted for Dayton. I honestly could have voted for any of the three candidates and I'll happily vote for whichever of them is on the ballot in November. But policy-wise, I agree most with Dayton. The older coworker's pitch for Kelliher seemed to focus on the fact that she has more contacts around the state and will compromise with the legislature. Younger coworker likes the fact that Dayton is more aggressive. In addition to agreeing with him policy-wise, I like that, too.

Honestly, I'm kind of sick of the DFL in Minnesota and the Democratic party nationwide trying to compromise with the right only to end up folding or making serious concessions. We don't have to be the party of no, but Jesus Christ, grow a pair and fight for what you believe in. I'm tired of this culture of meanness that was ushered in with the Pawlenty administration. I'm tired of education being seen as a bad thing. I'm sick of immigrant-bashing and religious intolerance. I want Minnesota to be great again.

Whoever wins today had damn well better defeat Tom Emmer in November. The idea of him being our governor terrifies and depresses me.

09 August 2010


There were all these things I wanted to write about -- the Como Zoo trip Friday afternoon with The Boy I Currently Like, The National show at First Ave on Friday night with Law Talkin' Gal, my cousin's wedding shower Saturday and of course, the primary election tomorrow. But it's like, almost 9:30 and I have dishes to wash and a shower to take. Can I sum it all up in one post?

The zoo was a lot of fun. I'd not been to Como Zoo since I was in elementary school, if I remember correctly. This was the first public outing for me and The Boy, believe it or not. I mean, there was the New Year's party. That wasn't public, however. And once, we walked over to Pizza Luce to get our pizza. But that's it.

I was really impressed with him. The zoo was crowded and it didn't seem to bother him in the least. I mean, it was almost crowded enough for me to be antsy and uncomfortable. So for him to be calm, cool and collected made me really happy. We've already talked about going back in the fall, because we want to see the animals when it's not so goddamn hot for them. There were a lot of lazy animals on Friday. It wasn't even that hot, but I still didn't blame them.

The absolute worst part about the zoo visit was the dad who was being a HUGE DICK to his son. We were heading back in to the Polar Bear Odyssey building and got behind this dad pushing an older woman in a wheelchair (I assumed it was his mom) and kids I took to be his son and daughter. The boy looked to be about my nephew's age, maybe a bit younger. The polar bear who was outside got into the water. The Boy and I could tell even though we didn't actually see the polar bear get into the water. The kid was all excited and told his dad there was a polar bear in the water. Instead of ... doing anything that wasn't HUGELY dickish, the dad berated the kid. Told him there was no polar bear in the water. That big white thing in the water was just a big white thing floating in the water (which is true, but there was also a polar bear). The kid tried to tell his dad again, and again the dad berated him. I was so upset for that kid, I wanted to cry. I didn't even want to go back into the Polar Bear Odyssey. Jesus, I think of the look on that kid's face now, and I still want to cry. That guy was such a goddamn motherfucking asshole.

Friday night, The National at First Ave was most excellent. I feel a bit sheepish for avoiding their live shows for so long. I thought they'd be boring. But I was so very wrong. It had been too long since I'd been to a show with Law Talkin' Gal, as well. It's nice to have her back.

The wedding shower Saturday sapped my will to live. Even booze didn't help. But the booze was in the form of mimosas, which is such a typical lady brunch drink it made me want to hurl. I normally love spending time with my aunties, but this was awful. Nothing but talk of dresses and wedding shit. I don't know why all of this is bothering me so much now (perhaps because of all the wedding shit I have to do for my brother's wedding?), but it's absolute fucking torture. I hated every second of it.

What else? I did get to spend Saturday night with The Boy. So, I did eventually get over all the shower bullshit. We hung out two days in a row and it was absolutely delightful. Look at us, being all normal and shit. It's crazy.

And oh yes, the primary election tomorrow. I'm still waffling on my DFL choice for governor. It's a difficult decision for a number of reasons that I'd get into now if this post wasn't already so long and if I still didn't have all that shit to do tonight. Maybe tomorrow after I vote I'll write about it. Probably not, but you never know, right?

06 August 2010

Gah. I suck.

I finally had my first really good opportunity to call The Boy I Currently Like my "Gentleman Caller." But I balked and once again called him my friend.

Of course, I expected this to happen. I'm a freak about things like this. Oh well. I'll just try again next time. That's all I can do, right?

04 August 2010

Devaluing the English language.

I'm well aware that the Star Tribune is not the only news organization that has taken any and all meaning away from the phrase "Breaking News." However, this example is particularly egregious. Because "no decision" isn't news at all, much less news of the breaking variety.

PS: Fuck you Brett Favre. Why won't you just go away already? Aren't there young ladies out there to whom you should be sending cock shots?

Nice try, Shape.

Your "7 Tips for Long Term Weight Loss," may sound good to start out, but it doesn't take long for everything to fall apart.

Take Tip #4, for example: Weight loss tips # 4. Set your own rules.

The best way to achieve that same clarity when you're trying to lose weight is to set some rules. Find yourself snacking on cereal at night? Make an only-for-breakfast rule. If you slip, no cereal in your house for a month! Tend to dive into the breadbasket as soon as the waiter brings it around? Set a one-starchy-carb-per-restaurant-meal rule. If you want the bread, tell yourself before you head out that you'll skip the potato or pasta that comes with your meal. To make the rules official, write them down.

How exactly does that work with Tip #6? Weight loss tips # 6. Enjoy food.

You're much more likely to stick with a diet if your food looks, tastes and smells delicious. Feeling deprived will only backfire. Make a plan you can live with by livening up healthy foods with herbs and spices like basil, cilantro, curry and ginger; aromatic veggies like garlic and onions; and condiments like mustard, hot pepper sauce or salsa. Experiment with new nutritious foods: Tantalize your taste buds with two new fruits or vegetables at each meal. Try different cold/hot cereals and breads. Don't declare high-fat favorites "off limits"; savor them in small amounts to maintain a balanced healthy diet.

I realize Tip #6 is trying to explain how to make foods that sometimes might seem bland or boring if they're prepared in a healthy manner more appealing so you'll actually want to eat them. However, putting in the bit about feeling deprived only serves to make the "tips" sound contradictory.

Feeling deprived or labeling a particular food as "bad" or forbidden is only setting a lot of people up for a fall. Punishing yourself for making a mistake isn't a particularly positive behavior. None of that really helps a person cultivate a healthy attitude toward food and eating.

How about, if you slip, get back on the horse and try again tomorrow? Maybe start by trying to eat better-for-you cereal or less cereal until you can stop eating it at night. You don't make lifestyle changes overnight, and isn't that what Shape is allegedly preaching here? Or what about moderation? A piece of pie isn't going to kill you if you keep it small and don't eat it every single day.

I can't say I'm surprised, since Shape is one of those pseudo-fitness magazines that says it's all about being healthy but then features Photoshopped cover models who shill for diet pills. There's a reason I don't read women's magazines. I need your stupid tips, Shape, the way I need Cosmo's sex tips and relationship advice.

02 August 2010

Decision averted.

Okay, it was a decision I'd kind of already made, but on which I was wavering. A few weeks ago, or perhaps a couple of months ago, I told The Boy I Currently Like I was probably going to ask him to come to my brother's wedding. Then I changed my mind because I wasn't feeling good about us, and I was mostly sticking to that (the decision, not the reason for it). Except when I was wavering.

Today, however, the invitation for my cousin's wedding arrived in the mail and it was addressed to me alone. I'd concocted a (very loose and completely ill-formed) plan in my head that involved bringing The Boy to that wedding so he could meet my family before my brother's wedding. However, since I can't bring him with me and there are no other opportunities to meet the family at large, I will not be bringing him to my brother's wedding.

Even if he didn't have anxiety disorder, I wouldn't want to just drop him in the middle of a crazy situation like that without having met anyone -- especially since I'll be otherwise occupied wanting to cut myself and drinking myself sane/numb. And I certainly wouldn't want to put him in a miserable situation on his birthday weekend (his special day is the day after the wedding and you'd better believe I'll be using that as a reason to skip out on the morning-after-the-wedding bullshit), no matter how much I want him to be there.

It's a weight off my shoulders, because now I don't have to worry about asking him to do all of these things I know would be torture and I don't have to deal with all of my weird issues about introducing a man to my family. Whew.

01 August 2010

August? Really?

When you were a kid, did time seem to pass so very slowly? It sure seemed to for me. Every now and again, an adult would say, "Wait until you get older; time will start to fly by." I'll be goddamned if they weren't right.

I am honestly not sure where this year has gone. It's August already, for Christ's sake. When I heard about my brother's upcoming nuptials, I was like, "How am I going to deal with 14 months of this shit?" And now, here we are -- half the time has passed. Yikes.

Last weekend, someone was lamenting the end of summer. But summer really isn't over yet! Except, the writing is on the wall, even though it's disgustingly hot and humid today. Some kids are going back to school in like, a week. I wonder how old I'll have to be to stop viewing a calendar year in terms of the school year.

I won't let summer pass me by. The Boy I Currently Like and I are going to use his summer hours to do something later this week and there are still block parties to attend, and for Christ's sake -- I haven't had a party to utilize my deck yet this year. That has got to change and soon.