15 July 2010

You can do it!

Just one more day. I'm almost there.

I thought maybe I'd be able to leave work on time today. I'm not so foolish as to think I could leave early. Besides, I was saving that for tomorrow. But no. Nothing ever works out quite the way you'd like, does it?

Eventually, I had to leave because my brain pretty much stopped working. There was a brief moment of clarity at the end, and I did what I could to make note of what I was thinking, but staying there and trying to work was just not a good idea.

Tomorrow, I'll go in fresh! I got to the gym (barely) and I'm going to bed at a decent hour (if this Twins game ever ends and I actually go to bed), so I'm sure it'll be fine. There's just that one thing I need to do, anyway. I mean, I need to do a lot of shit, but just one thing has a deadline.

Also, I was just bullshitting when I said I'd get to bed at a decent hour and be fresh tomorrow. I mean, there's something generally uplifting about it being Friday, no matter how much the week has kicked my ass (most of the time). But by about 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, I will be useless. And considering I've got about six extra hours in this week, I think it might be a good time to leave. *crosses fingers*

In other news, my fridge is packed with vegetables (I got the whole CSA box this week), and I spent the entire evening post-gym working with this week's and last week's vegetables. I think tomorrow I will have to cook down some greens (Swiss chard and the beet greens I thought were in my stir-fry on Sunday) just so I can have some goddamn space in the fridge.

I think I'll make cilantro pesto (what else will I do with all that cilantro?) and maybe carrot cake/muffins/bars, because I have a fucking assload of carrots. What I'm going to do with the five enormous cucumbers is beyond me. I've still got refrigerator pickles in my fridge from last year for Christ's sake. I know I should have tossed them ages ago, but I put some work into them, and they're pretty! Guess I need to buy some new jars.

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