22 July 2010

Work is thwarting my ability to work.

I have all this stuff that must get finished today so I can have tomorrow off, so I can go to the gym, run my errands and pack in time to be at the GTs estate so I can head off to Girls' Weekend. Truth be told, I want to get there a little early so I can get some CORGI!-petting time in before we go, as well.

However, we have no access to any of our drives, so I can't get to anything I need. This leaves me to fuck around on the Interwebs until I can do some work. It is distressing. It's also distressing when I want to fuck around on the Internets but can't, because I have too much work to do. Work distresses me, is what I'm saying.

Last year, I missed Girls' Weekend because I'd needed to sink a pantload of cash into my new car. That turned into an extended period of fiduciary problems, due to the payroll department being made up of complete and total morons.

I wasn't too bummed because my other problems took over my life. I was also just kind of unsure about the whole thing. It's been years since I've done any vacationing-type things with friends. Too much vacationing with family, no money and no opportunities would be the reasons, I suppose.

But I'm a freak, so in advance of last year's Girls' Weekend, I was starting to freak out a bit about what kind of guest/traveler I am. Will I snore and bother the others? Will I be unable to poop and therefore be uncomfortable all weekend? How is everything supposed to work with food and drinks and OH MY GOD, IT'S SO MUCH STRESS.

Those things have occurred to me this time around, too. However, I care much, much less. This group of Classy Broads is as laid back as you could possibly want. I'm pretty sure they like me and I try to be a good guest, so I'm sure everything will work out fine. Besides, I think I need this. With all the family responsibility and things I HAVE TO DO, this weekend is a vacation. I'm not in charge of anything, save for breakfast on Sunday.

The Classy Broad-bonding will be a huge bonus, as well. I mean, I hang out with my girlfriends often, but this is different. I never figured myself the type to need that girl-bonding weekend or anything like that, but I'm really looking forward to that part. And I'm just realizing that now. Huh.

I'd already been stressing about being able to get everything done tomorrow, so this not-being-able-to-work shit is just making matters so much worse. I had it all planned out to be done with my work and I'd have all day tomorrow to get everything I need (and I need EVERYTHING -- I'll even shop for a swimsuit if I have time. My earlier efforts didn't work and it's obviously too late to order anything) and go to the gym. Oh, and I have to pack, but at least I can start that tonight.

Once upon a time, I'd planned on baking banana/pumpkin bread, plus Irish soda bread for toast on Sunday morning, but I don't think any of that is going to happen. I need to make banana bread soon, though, because frozen bananas are taking over my freezer. That is a matter for another day, though. Today, it's all about VACATION tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

land's end is having a huge sale, probably including bathing suits, in case you still wanted one for this year. you can buy tops and bottoms separately. hope girls weekend was fun.


Anonymous said...

oops! sale ends today, of course.

Jess said...

I actually picked up a decent one for $25 before I left town. It should hopefully last me for many years. But thanks.

the big cheese said...

I found your blog - and I couldn't agree with this post more. I think we should name our clan something appropriate to the fact that we're way too not-girly for 'girls' weekend'.

It's like we're the classy girly dropouts.

It was awesome having you there.

Jess said...

I love that you are "the big cheese." It's so appropriate in so many ways.

Maybe we need some sort of "Pink Ladies" girl gang name. But it would have to be like Pink Ladies from Grease 2, not the original. Mostly, I just want the opportunity to sing "Cool Rider."

I'm so glad I went and I'm so glad everyone who was there went and it was so great. I can't wait until next year!