20 July 2010

That dog has a puffy tail!

Oh, curse my short attention span. Or the fact that I'm easily distracted. Or possibly the fact that I have a touch of adult ADD. Who knows the real reason? What it comes down to is that I had this blog post I'd been composing in my head for several hours (I've actually composed this one a number of times over the last several months), but while walking home from the gym, I was struck with an idea.

I will be missing Interpol at First Ave in a few weeks. The exact same day, I will be missing Brother Ali playing the Pizza Luce block party, and the party I usually have before/during/after that particular block party. Why? My brother has planned a wedding party golf outing in our hometown for that day.

Since I am not only a family member but also (so fucking grudgingly) a member of the wedding party, I must attend. Oh, the invitation says to RSVP, and I suppose I could RSVP "no." But if I did that, the family would talk shit about me from here to the end of time. That's pretty much why I'm in the wedding at all. Things that are important to me are fucking ridiculous to them. But of course, I should TOTALLY be gung-motherfucking-ho about golfing. Because it's totally fucking boring AND I DON'T PLAY GOLF. Not only that, I am not a fan of a sport that is traditionally just for rich white dudes. I mean, there are still golf clubs today that don't allow women. YES. PLEASE LET ME GET INVOLVED.

Anyway, so I have to do this and I've been on the verge of angry tears about it a number of times over the last few weeks. Sure, I guess it's saving me from having to choose between Interpol (one of my favorite bands in the entire. fucking. world.) and one of my favorite events in Minneapolis that finally has a really great music lineup, which I had to miss last year due to a wedding. But that's a choice I'd like to have to make.

So, I can't have my party for the second year in a row. I'd been actually looking forward to entertaining, as the only time I've done it in probably the last year, at least, was for the Mardi Gras party. That was a weeknight and in the winter. So, you can imagine how well-attended and awesome that was (it was awesome for a small, weeknight dinner party).

However, I could totally have a casual, happy hour-type gathering at my place the night before Interpol/the Pizza Luce Block Party/the stupid goddamn golf outing. I'm not sure what made me think of this, but it struck me as a really great idea while I was walking through my neighborhood: make some snacks, buy a couple of boxes of wine and a case of beer and open up the deck to whoever wants to stop by. Why not? I'm sure someone would come.

I even thought that maybe this could be one of my Big Deal events that I really want The Boy I Currently Like to attend. And maybe I could invite some of his friends to make him feel more comfortable. I've got contact information, dammit.

Obviously, I'm getting ahead of myself. That could be one of the last of The Boy's summer hour Fridays, and if that's the case, we're going to see us some goddamn polar bears. There are any number of things that could put a halt to my momentarily brilliant idea. But at least I feel like something positive might come out of this stupid fucking wedding party golf outing. Sure, I'll hold a grudge against my family for years because of this, but if I have fun the night before, maybe I won't be a HUGE BITCH on Saturday.

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