18 July 2010


Spent Saturday night watching Carl Pavano and his dastardly mustache beat up on the Bitch Sox with The Boy I currently Like.

Today, I went to the Bastille Day Block Party and met up with W&J (still working on their blog nicknames). I did also see Fat Mike the Gangsta and his lovely lady friend, and met a few of all of their friends, who all seem to be very lovely people. I hate to be so bold, but maybe I'm fostering my own friendship with W&J (W for sure, 'cause that's how girls roll, right?). They're a lot of fun.

I have a happy buzz after hitting the Indy with W&J, and I have plenty of time to chill before bed. No lunch to make for tomorrow, as I have the components available. I think.

Short week on the way with a girls' weekend in Wisconsin to follow. Things are pretty good at the moment (though, I felt that way last weekend and look how this week turned out), I'd say. Work is going to be busy, but I guess that'll keep me occupied.

Also, it may be bit early, but if Facebook isn't lying to me, today is Jerious Norwood's birthday. I had been wishing him a happy birthday on July 29, which is the same day as my dad's birthday. That would be because he told me it was his birthday. But like I said, Facebook tells me differently. So, if Facebook is right, Happy Birthday, Jerious Norwood. I'm very glad I finally got to meet you a few months ago. I hope you've had a lovely day.

If Facebook is wrong, check back in a couple of weeks for another birthday wish. Who am I to believe, really? I was hoping I'd get confirmation today, but I heard nothing.

Anyway, productive weekend of cleaning, cooking and errand-running along with fun stuff. This girl can't ask for much more.

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