11 July 2010

Summer Sunday Stir Fry.

It occurred to me this evening, as I was making a stir fry with my CSA and Uptown Market veggies, plus a pork steak from the family farm, that I really enjoy this ritual. Of course, I often spend my Sunday nights cooking up something that will be my lunch for the bulk of the week regardless of the season, but the summer Sundays seem that much better.

The settling down from a fun-filled, fairly action-packed weekend and getting ready for another work week is a ritual that centers me, I guess. Yoga centers me, too, but this is different. It's probably good to have more than one ritual that centers yourself, right?

Friday and Saturday nights I was at the Basilica Block Party to see Spoon (Friday) and The Avett Brothers (Saturday). I've only been once, to see Pete Yorn, about four years ago. They just usually don't have bands I like. Last year, I would have loved to have gone to see The Hold Steady, but I had to go to my cousin's wedding (I swear to fucking Christ, weddings have ruined so much of my last couple of summers).

Both shows were great, save for the dude proposing to his girlfriend last night during The Avett Brothers. I may have mentioned my deep, deep hatred of public proposals at some point while writing this blog. Since it happened so far away from where I was situated, I only heard about it when the band mentioned it. I felt cheated in not being able to boo and yell "Say no!" I did anyway.

Unfortunately, by going to the Basilica Block Party last night, I missed The Prison Librarian's birthday gathering. From what I've seen on Facebook, she was having a good weekend, so I'm very happy about that. Hopefully I will get a chance to buy her a birthday beer/make her a birthday treat/hang out with her soon. The Bastille Day Block Party is coming up in a week, so hopefully I will get to catch up with her (crossing my fingers) and a lot of other people there.

Today, I went to the Uptown Market and then to watch the World Cup final with The Boy I Currently Like. At the Uptown Market, I am almost 100 percent certain I saw Conner ... at the Foxy Falafel stand, I think? However, I was in a hurry to get my veggies and some brats for The Boy, so I didn't stop to introduce myself. Next time, Conner (if you ever even see this), I will say hi.

And now here I am, home with a few days of lunch ready to go and a clean-ish kitchen; ready to relax as soon I as I finish this post. Sometimes I'm amazed I can write about absolutely nothing. But that's my life sometimes, right?

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