04 July 2010

Home. For now.

I have a few calm, solitary hours before I head out for another party and then to hang out with The Boy I Currently Like. After the last couple of days, I really just want to stay home alone. However, I made these plans, so I'm going back out there.

I'm exhausted, itchy and a little sunburned. At least I'm clean and relatively cool now. Things went fine, despite my sister taking over as Freak Out Queen for my mom. Though, my mom did plenty of her usual stressing before anyone comes over. She certainly took to her role as diva for this party. If I heard "It's MY day," one more time, I was going to slap her.

Mom had do have that bottle of riesling. She had to have beef in addition to pork. Of course the wine was unopened, and the beef was barely eaten. She and my sister had to do the salads their way. She had to bring that Swiss chard to my uncle's house on Friday night, but then I had to cook it and guess what, "It's not very good." Fuck. Off. It was fucking delicious. She wanted her music, but barely picked out anything. So I augmented the playlist with some of dad's music and some of my own. The first song that played wasn't hers, so she bitched.

But it's over, for now. I'm home and will be seeing what I consider to be the rest of my family in just a few hours. Except, you know, they don't constantly judge me, or second-guess me, or talk shit about me to my face. They treat me pretty damn well.

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