29 July 2010

Hey -- tomorrow is Friday!

I just noticed in the "Dancin' Homer" episode of The Simpsons that when Homer spells out "Springfield" with his body, he spells it "Springfeeld." I feel like I catch things after several viewings, and I thought I had seen everything there was to see in every Simpsons episode, but I finally noticed something new. YAY!

Last weekend when I came back from Girls' Weekend, I was so psyched to have a weekend coming up with nothing planned. Granted, I was fairly certain I'd be hanging out with The Boy I Currently Like. However, hanging out with him is not really "having something planned." He doesn't count, if you know what I mean. Being with him isn't work.

Now, of course, I am doing dinner with my siblings, nephew and sibling-in-law-to-be tomorrow night. That would be in the not counting category if I didn't have to drive 25 miles home from his place and there wasn't all of this wedding stuff hanging over my head. I feel like there's some ulterior motive in my brother inviting us to dinner. Mostly because it seems like everything he's invited us to over the last year or so has had an ulterior motive.

But it's okay. I only have to go for a couple of hours. And tonight I got to spend some time on my deck tonight with the Law Talkin' Gal. She finished the bar exam yesterday and she'll be back to a normal-ish life in no time. Sure, I skipped the gym, but sometimes that's okay. Especially when it is Thursday and you're wiped out and the gym is such a fucking chore.

I think I'm kinda talking out my ass at this point and I should just lay down on the couch and chill. But before I go, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my Dad (I did leave him a voicemail this morning) and the same to Jerious Norwood. As I said several days ago, this may or may not be his actual birthday, but the sentiment remains. I raised my gin and ginger ale in your honor tonight, sir.

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