13 July 2010

Can't blog. Working.

I hate this week so much. I have a ton of work to do, I'm getting yelled at for not being done with something that's due tomorrow for which I have a time budget of five hours. I've got this jackass sales guy jerking me around on a new client. And I'm working at home at night. Except I can't access my work computer, because the remote connection hasn't worked for me for I don't know how long.

I'm tired. After a couple of really clear, decent-looking skin, my face has exploded again. My apartment is a pigsty. I'm broke. Seriously. This week fucking blows.

However, I had a good workout tonight. There is nothing on my calendar for the weekend (Bastille Day Block Party is penciled in mentally and I'll hopefully see The Boy I Currently Like), so I can maybe chill a little and get my apartment cleaned.

All is not lost. I will get through this week. I will not go bitchcakes on anyone. I hope.


流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

nice blog, thk for sharing
nice to meet u ;-)

Anonymous said...

keep it all in perspective - my fiance and i might be evicted at the end of the month