26 July 2010

BaconQuest Adventure #1: Ready Meats.

The first step on my quest to find a back-up bacon to that from the family farm began yesterday. Actually, I've already had delicious bacon from Widmer's Super Market in St. Paul on a number of occasions. The Boy I Currently Like gets his bacon from there when he's not cooking up the stuff I bring him. I enjoy Widmer's bacon, but I'm looking in Minneapolis now.

Diana did me a very nice favor and picked up two pounds of bacon from Ready Meats in Northeast. It looked like the price averages out to about $4.50 per pound. This seems reasonable to me, but as I've said before, I have NO idea how much bacon costs. The Rainbow weekly ad has Farmland brand sliced bacon on sale, two for $7, whatever that means.

I fried the bacon in a pan on the stove top, which is not my preferred method of cooking bacon. I like to cook it in the oven -- much less mess and you can essentially set it and forget it. You know it is done when the smell lures you into the kitchen.

Despite the fact that it wasn't my preferred cooking method, I thought the bacon was pretty good. The girls seemed to like it. Between us and our hostess's grandparents (10 people), we polished off almost the entire two pounds. And I'm pretty sure I had fewer than three pieces (2.5).

As of now, however, Ready Meats bacon won't be my replacement bacon. Of course, I've much yet to try. The Ready Meats bacon was lacking a depth of flavor (maybe more like smokiness) I enjoy in the family farm bacon. At the same time, I feel like it didn't get a fair shake because I was cooking it on the stove at someone else's house and I was under something of a deadline. I do plan to give them another shot. I'm in Nordeast every now and again, so I could totally stop and get more.

The rest of my contribution was scrambled eggs that I cooked in the bacon grease and to which I added some cheese. The girls seemed to like them, but I was unhappy. I thought they were lacking in flavor. Bacon grease and sharp cheddar apparently aren't salty enough for eggs ... which I kind of knew, but I didn't want to take the risk of oversalting.

The rest of Girls' Weekend was awesome. There was much floatie time, drinking, eating and bonding with seven of the most awesome chicks out there. Also, we brought the CORGI! with us and there were two dogs at the big house. So, I had some serious dog time this weekend. I even had a dog in each hand quite a bit. No sunburn, but I did get a little color. For me, that's pink and/or reddish brown, because I don't tan. No bears attacked me while I was going to and from the outhouse in the wee hours, nor did many bugs. I am awfully happy to be back in my very own place now, though.

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