30 June 2010

Trying to find a way to see this in a positive light.

In my post yesterday, I mentioned several men in my life who appreciated my interest in sports. I left a couple of guys out. I had intended to mention the Cheating Asshole Ex, because I spent endless hours watching and talking about sports with him and his roommates. We bet on sports all the time and he would often ask my opinion about his fantasy football line-up. Apparently, I just spaced on that contribution, possibly because I do not hold him in a good place in my memory.

The other guy I could have mentioned, but deliberately chose not to, was Booty Call Matt. We watched a lot of football and baseball, though I don't remember us watching too much basketball. We talked a lot about fantasy football. But, you know, he was Booty Call Matt, for Christ's sake.

I should mention that it's been about nine months since I heard from him. After two years of not seeing each other (because I've been seeing The Boy I Currently Like), he was still trying to see me in September/October of last year. Telling him I was seeing someone had zero effect on him. I finally told him that I wanted him to stop. I wasn't interested because I had what I wanted.

So of course, he called last night. He has a new phone number, so I answered after rejecting the call initially. It was nearly midnight and the wrong numbers I get seem to be really persistent. I thought nipping it in the bud was a good idea. When I answered and he said, "What's up?" I responded, "Who is this?" Even though I totally recognized his voice. He didn't say anything and I said "Hello?" When he didn't respond, I hung up. Man, I gave you a chance.

He called back a half hour later and I didn't bother answering. At least he didn't call like 20 to 30 times after that. Maybe people can change! I guess he needed to check to see if I was still with The Boy or if my resolve had weakened. I hope it was a one-time deal, but I doubt it. Honestly, it's been almost THREE YEARS since I last saw him and he is still trying to sleep with me. I don't really get it. The only explanation is: I got it like that. Fuck and yes.

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Muffy Willowbrook said...

oh good lord....he's pathetic.