20 June 2010

Time to go back to work already?

I swear, this weekend just started. How is almost over? I demand a review of some sort.

Had to get up early and leave The Boy I Currently Like asleep and comfy in his bed, so I could head down to the farm for Father's Day. He tried valiantly to get us to bed early, but, well, it was still well past 3:00, I think. Bless his little night owl heart.

Because I had to rely on my phone alarm I drunkenly set to get me up in time to get to my sister's so I didn't get yelled at, of course, I slept like shit. Well, after 7:30, I barely slept. Turns out The Boy set his alarm and it went off in plenty of time and I was at my sister's house like, seven minutes early. EARLY!

We did have a lovely Father's Day -- delicious lunch, time out on the patio (complete with SERIOUS DOG PETTING TIME) and picking up sticks around the yard. That last one wasn't so much fun, but it was nice to get a little activity after that fried chicken lunch.

My sister, brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law also went over more plans for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary party. Have I mentioned that? We're throwing a party for the 'rents' big wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks. Our RSVP deadline passed on Friday, so we finally got around to figuring out how much of everything we'll need. Something telling about our family -- we're more concerned about having enough booze than enough food.

So, yeah, fun weekend. Long work week coming up. I'm working diligently on the CSA box from this week. My coworker with whom I split the box was out sick, so I got the entire thing. I spent more than an hour washing greens Friday night and just finished up making a big ol' stir fry with my broccoli, Asian greens, green garlic and scallions (green and purple). Plus some red bell pepper, carrots and chicken breast. I found a new sauce that is quite tasty.

Pawned off my kohlrabi on my mom, gave two blue potatoes to The Boy and two to the 'rents. I'll be having greens in my scrambled eggs hopefully every day this week and I'll also be eating a shitload of salads. I read an interesting tip about greens that never occurred to me -- cooking them down ahead of time to save on storage space. I might end up doing that with my spinach and the rest of my Asian greens. There's also pesto to be made. Oh, I fucking love being involved with a CSA.

My face is disgusting and my body is grossing me the fuck out, but all in all, I think I can get through this week. I have work to do, a gym schedule to keep, possibly working from home Wednesday morning (to watch USA USA USA vs. Algeria) and then PRIDE! and the Fry-a-Thon! I think the awesomeness of drinking and eating with about 90 percent of my favorite people coming up this weekend, I will be able to get through the week.

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