24 June 2010

Thoughts from the NBA draft.

Nice work, David Stern, calling out the "unruly fans" at the Garden.

Derrick Favors's shirt is shiny as shit.

Three picks in and I've not seen an outlandish suit yet.

The Nets fans have vuvuzelas. Sweet! Not enough, though.

Wolves on the clock ... are we getting Wes Johnson? Yes, we are. AND! He is the best dressed man there by fucking far. To this point, anyway. Yellow shirt with a white collar, red and blue tie, very fitted, double-breasted jacket. WITH PLAID PANTS. If for no other reason than his outfit, I'm thrilled with this pick. He's dapper as fuck.

Seriously, Wesley Johnson's outfit is so fucking sweet. His contrasting pocket square is the icing on the cake.

Sweet farmer's tan (farmer's sunburn?) Sacramento Kings fans.

I wish John Calipari would shut his smug, cheating face.

Momentarily checked in on the Strib's live draft chat. Very poor decision-making on my part.

Wonders if it really is all that different that Greg Monroe's uncle played football at BYU, given that Monroe was just drafted by Detroit. How is that even marginally relevant, Stu Scott?

I love Jeff van Gundy.

Hey! It's Flip Saunders! Hi, Flip! (I actually said that out loud. And waved.)

What's the point of having the clock if your interviews are will just keep on going after time runs out? Man, screw you ESPN. The Clippers got like, 30 extra seconds.

Sweet hipster glasses Al-Farouq Aminu (Clippers draft pick, from Wake Forest). Holy shit. With his Clippers cap on, he looks like Mars Blackmon. I take back my derision (which you maybe couldn't discern by simply reading words on a screen). This was an AWESOME decision.

Hey, Utah took the first white kid! Had the Jazz taken Greg Monroe, Stu's nugget about his uncle playing at BYU might have made a little sense.

USA USA USA chants before the Raptors pick? Unruly fans, indeed.

Holy shit. It's 13 picks in before I hear God mentioned? Now that is awesome.

"Do you think John Wall is the most impact player right now taken. So far?" Um, what, Stu Scott?

Luke Babbitt?

Hey! It's the first Crazy European to come in from the stands! (Some French dude) And there go the fans chanting USA USA USA again. I'm chalking it up to World Cup fever. Sadly, the random European draft pick in the stands is not as hilarious as it used to be. He's the first international player taken at 18. That's pretty shocking.

Thanks for reminding us of how much the Wolves like to trade their picks, Stu. It's not like I've not been watching the draft for ... well, a very long time.

Oooooh, C Webb in a commercial. He is still as fine as ever.

If the number of commercials you see for a movie is any indication of how much said movie sucks, "Knight and Day" must be the worst. fucking. movie. ever. You also might get that idea if you actually watched one of the commercials. STOP TRYING TO RUIN THIS MUSE SONG FOR ME.

Trever Booker? Hey! A Wolves fan in the crowd! And Booker is the first senior taken in this draft -- the latest ever. Jesus H. Christ, his picture makes him look like he's 45. And Trevor Booker has been traded.

Loves the drunk Maryland fan celebrating Greivis Vasquez being drafted. Also glad to hear that Jeff van Gundy loves it when players come out of the stands when they're drafted.

Okay, I'm done with this. With all I've done tonight (veggies cleaned, some veggies oven roasted, strawberries cleaned and made into a balsamic strawberry syrup, chicken breast baked, dishes washed, trash taken out and potatoes cooking), I'm amazed I managed to see as much of the draft as I have. And it's lovely to see the van Gundy brothers chatting now.

UPDATE: To the person who Googled "What are the fans chanting at the NBA draft," I believe you're looking for "Sexy Silver." They loves them some Adam Silver. How that guy can keep a straight face is beyond me.

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