28 June 2010

This new iPod just keeps getting better and better.

Yesterday at the gym, I noticed my iPod was starting to click when I was on the elliptical machine. I thought maybe it was my earbuds, as it kept doing it when I was walking to the Uptown Market. *sigh* I've had them for a while, but I was hoping they'd last longer. At least they lasted longer than the six days the Apple earbuds lasted.

On the elliptical at the gym before yoga tonight, it got worse. Not only was there clicking, but the music started sounding funny. It was slowing down and sounding a bit tinny and maybe skipping just a tiny bit. I tried adjusting my earbud cord, but that didn't help. Finally, I pulled the iPod out of my sport bra and put it on the machine. Everything was fine. When I stuck it back in my sport bra to walk around, cleaning off my machine and going to the locker room to get my stuff for yoga, it started up again.

I. Was. Pissed. Fortunately, yoga calmed me down and I came home to The Google with a clear head. I'd already reset the damn thing, and then I found this thread. It seems that perhaps the pedometer causes the problem somehow. That blows, because, while I had no idea it existed before I stumbled upon it while scrolling through menus, I've been using it a lot.

What I've read of the thread so far is that sometimes not using the pedometer will take care of the problem, but other times it won't. People are talking about being on their fourth or fifth iPod, because Apple can't fix the problem. I read something saying it's software, not design. However, that was a post from six weeks ago, so clearly they haven't addressed it yet.

Ugh. I do not have fucking time to make an appointment at the Genius bar to get the damn thing serviced. I do not want to have to get multiple new iPods. I just want the damn thing to work, and I want to be able to use the features I want to use.

Seriously, Apple, I'm fucking done with you when I need a new MP3 player. GAH.


Reuben said...

maybe it's boob sweat.

Jess said...

I considered that, but my old iPod saw a hell of a lot more boob sweat over the course of four years than this one has. Besides, no one in the discussion thread mentioned boob sweat.

Mimi said...

I get sansa mp3 players from micro center. They last 2-3 years of intense use and usually costs $50-80 so I don't care that much when they die.