01 June 2010

This is what happens when you let people vote.

No, I'm not talking about any number of elections in the last decade, though I very well could be. Voting always makes me think of an episode of the West Wing where Josh went on a rant about how, for as great as our democratic republic is, it's still flawed, because any random Schmo can vote.

The MLB All-Star Game certainly is not the presidential election. However, the morons certainly get out the vote in both. My main bone of contention here is the fact that Justin Morneau is trailing the Yankees' Mark Teixeira, by 83,00 votes, last I heard. That's less than last week, when he was behind by 140,000 votes.

But he's still behind. The guy leading the AL in batting average at .377 is behind a guy hitting .221. Morneau is seventh in the AL in homers and eighth in RBI. Teixeira is hitting .221. Nick fucking Punto: Momentum Killer, is hitting .221, for fuck's sake (as of 9:28 p.m. Central on June 1, 2010).

This is what happens when the fans are allowed to vote. Except, most of the time, they vote for perennial all-stars in droves. I have a hard time with anyone who might have voted for Mark Teixeira calling themselves a baseball fan. A raging homer might be closer. Honestly, I'm wondering how they managed to log on to the Internets to be able to vote in the first place. Because clearly, these people are lacking in reasoning ability. Possibly also in reading ability and comprehension. (Please note: I'm not calling all Yankee fans illiterate morons. I know a few who are wonderful people who can read and think critically. They also think this voting is currently bullshit.)

I'm only one person, but I'm going to max out my 25 votes for Justincredible. Perhaps I can get 50 if they go by IP address. I urge you, Twins fans, baseball fans, people with time on your hands, vote for Morneau. This wrong must be made right.

Because seriously? This is bullshit.

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