13 June 2010

Soccer Jebus will be mine!

No he won't. But at least for today, I am in the lead in The Boy I Currently Like's World Cup pick 'em challenge. Somehow, I'm the only person to have predicted two correct scores. I have no idea what they even are.

I tried to come up with some ridiculous picking tactic. You know, like that dude's wife who picks based solely on mascot and wins the work football pool, or the older lady in your office who knows nothing about college basketball and makes her picks based on uniform color and wins the office NCAA pool. However, I couldn't bring myself to do it that way. I considered picking based on hotness, but after being disappointed by the sheer lack of hotness on the Australia squad today, I'm glad I scrapped that plan.

Either way, I'm glad I didn't blow off the contest. I nearly did, but The Boy seems to be making an effort to include me in all of his World Cup-mania, so I'm more than happy to get involved as much as I can. It's not like I hate soccer or anything. I even have a basic understanding the sport, thanks to having to learn the rules to any number of sports in phy ed.

So, yay me. If only for today. And yay USA USA USA for drawing with England.

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