15 June 2010

No wall damage, huh?

Well, what the fuck do you call this, then, 3M?

I'd say the smashed clock that was hanging on this picture strip is also damaged. And yet, the 3M Picture Hangers page on the 3M website clearly says "No Surface Damage."

Granted, there are already holes in my wall put there by someone from the management company looking for a leak from upstairs. However, I think a small nail hole would have been better than having a giant piece of wall ripped off because your stupid picture hanger didn't work.

Thanks a lot, 3M. I'll surely be dropping you an e-mail. Too bad I can't include the (shitty) picture I took. Stupid forms. Why can't I send a regular e-mail?


Reuben said...

Definitely wall damage. Problem, right there.

supertoyz said...

I had a similar experience with the 3M hangers. I saw the paint was lifting so I spent 15 minutes with a soft piece of wood to slowly pry the glue from the wall.

Maybe you could upload the photo to Flikr or whatever and include the link in the email?

WORD VERIFICATION: fantrupe. I think it's funny, no?

Jess said...

Totally wall damage and totally a problem. Also, excellent idea to upload the (shitty) photo.