10 June 2010

I don't think this weekend will suck as much as last weekend.

If for no other reason, I simply will not have time to mope and I'm going to have to interact with people -- a lot of people, as it turns out.

The funk into which I descended a week ago hung around much longer than I anticipated it would. I was still crying and mood-swingy today, for Christ's sake. That's a bit much. Work added to my stress, so I guess that's maybe why it seemed to hang around so long. So much for my theory that I have been on a much more even keel emotionally, since I got my IUD.

Because I managed to get my shit taken care of at work today, I'm going to take tomorrow afternoon off. Yay! Also, it's CSA day. I'm so fucking stoked that it's finally time for my weekly half box of local, organic vegetables. I'll basically be getting salad fixin's and potatoes tomorrow -- blue potatoes and something called German butterball potatoes. I managed to get The Boy I Currently Like totally stoked about the potatoes, simply by mentioning them. He's a good Irish lad, so he loves him some potatoes. I'm a nice Irish lass who also loves potatoes and likes to share, so we should be having some for breakfast Sunday morning. If I bring them over, he should make them for breakfast, right?

It's good that things worked out so I could take a half day tomorrow. I'll need to get my errands run and be downtown for happy hour at Masa by 4:00. That was kind of a surprise invitation from a dear friend I don't get to see enough of. And I missed her birthday party last weekend, because of the funk/moping, so it'll be extra good to see her. The only other person to have responded thus far is another dear friend I don't get to see nearly enough of. I would be thrilled if it ended up being just the three of us, quite frankly.

After Masa, I have to head straight to The Local to buy my Basilica Block Party pass and have dinner/drinks with KayGee, The Prison Librarian, S&M and KayGee's sister and brother-in-law. Then we'll all head to First Ave to see The New Pornographers.

Holy shit. That's a long day of drinking I've set up for myself.

And I can't sleep too late on Saturday, because I'm heading to The Boy's place much earlier than usual to watch USA USA USA vs. England in the World Cup. I will apparently be meeting another friend of his I've not met, plus possibly his wife. At least Fat Mike the Gangsta will be there, too, and I know him. That will devolve into a night of watching the Twins, playing Tekken, watching Firefly and staying up too late, as I always do with The Boy.


Emily said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Art and I got our first ever CSA box this week. Nothing too exciting yet, but I'm looking forward to a summer of fresh veggies.

Jess said...

I hope you get lots of good stuff. I'm totally stoked about those blue potatoes. They were my favorite thing last year. And I'll have fresh arugula, spinach and/or red butter lettuce for my sandwich at lunch today. Score!

When I wrote this post last night, I was actually trying to get myself excited about this weekend, 'cause I was still feeling kinda poopy. Either it worked, or it's just because it's Friday, but I'm now fully stoked about this weekend.