02 June 2010

Frighteningly proactive.

There was a piece of mail from my bank waiting for me when I got home from work today. It looked like something trying to sell me something -- insurance, mortgage, IRA rollover, whatever. It wasn't a statement, as those come in different envelopes. As do overdraft notices. I was considering just tossing it, but it felt like there was a card in it. But my new debit card isn't due to come for another 18 months, and that definitely comes in a different envelope.

So, I opened it and there was a new debit card inside. Now, I'm of the mind that my bank is constantly looking for ways to fuck me and my fellow bankers over. Lord knows they seem to do it every chance they get.

Color me shocked when I read the letter and it appears the bank was actually trying to protect me (and themselves, of course. Always themselves). Turns out a third party processor had a security breach/data compromise and TCF decided to send out new cards to everyone affected. Well, I'll be goddamned. I'm glad I opened the envelope. My card was set to expire in three weeks (maybe a bit too far out if there is compromised account information floating around) one way or another.

I think the only thing that comes off my debit card is my gym membership. I've already changed that. AND! Now if Bally tries to keep charging me (my 30-day cancellation notice should be effective by Monday. But they are notorious for charging after you've left the gym. ASSHOLES), they won't be able to, because that account is deactivated. EAT IT, BALLY.

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