27 June 2010

Finally, my very own farmer's market!

Last year, when the Uptown Market was only held on like, four weekends, I never made it. This year, though -- it's every Sunday. I'm bound to be able to get to a handful before it's over. Unfortunately, it's over early; two weeks earlier than my CSA ends.

The important thing here is that this farmer's market is three blocks from my house (at least, one end of it is), AND I don't have to get up at the ass crack of dawn to go. It runs from 11-5, which is AWESOME.

After I went to the gym this morning, I walked over to the farmer's market because I wanted some collard greens to augment the three leaves I got in my CSA box this week. Last year, the coworker with whom I split my box always gave me the collard greens, kale and chard. What the hell am I supposed to do with three freakin' collard greens?

I didn't see any collard greens, so I got kale. One bunch for $2. Once I got it home and cleaned it, I realized it was a lot bigger than it had looked originally. I also bought some Chinese spinach (I needed something to add to my basil for pesto) for $1, an enormous bunch of dill for $1, like two quarts of sugar snap peas for $2 and a loaf of bread for $5. I probably didn't need the bread, but fuck me, it's good.

Honestly, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought all that damn dill. But I love it, and it was a freakin' dollar, so I won't feel too terribly bad if I don't get it all used. And I won't get it all used. Either way, everything I bought looked great. I'm very pleased with all of it.

There were possibly more other vendors than there were farmers selling their produce. There were t-shirts, handbags, jewelry, stationery and other food-related things that weren't produce. I'll definitely check that stuff out another day. I was starving, which isn't such a good idea when food shopping. However, at least I wasn't at the grocery store buying shit.

So, you should totally check it out if you get a chance. Obviously, you're not going to have a huge selection, but if you live in the area, it's much easier than trying to get to one of the bigger farmer's markets.

One bad thing, though: a clown. So unnecessary.


Emily said...

I'll take a limited selection over a huge crowd ANY day. I go to the Kingfield market, which is about ten blocks from me, and it's a great little neighborhood market.

Jess said...

Totally. I hate people.