22 June 2010

Dear Apple: Please go to Hell.

I was loathe to get a new iPod a few weeks ago, because I'd only had it for four years, and do you know how expensive that fucking thing was? But the battery wouldn't hold a charge and I cannot workout without music. My hands were tied.

My new iPod has some neat features. The FM radio and ability to shuffle within a playlist are my favorites. I also use the pedometer. Why, I'm not entirely sure. But I do.

However, getting music on the fucking thing is a huge pain in my ass. The set-up is different (I try to update my iTunes as little as possible), and I'm sure the problem is mostly on my end, but it just doesn't seem all that intuitive. It also takes for-fucking-ever.

My problems with loading music led to me having NO GYM PLAYLIST AT THE GYM TONIGHT. And I really needed to work out. I was on the verge of pummeling the fuck out of everyone I saw. Somehow, I managed to get a fairly good mix on shuffle, but it was lacking.

Now I'm spending what seems like HOURS to get the correct music on this fucking thing. I do not have that kind of time, Apple. You can take your fucking iPod, with the headphones that lasted SIX DAYS and shove it up your ass, along with all your stupid iTunes updates and lame-ass "Genius" feature. Dumbest. Genius. Ever. When this iPod wears out (much, much sooner rather than later, I'm sure!), I'm getting an MP3 player from someone else. Screw you! (I realize that doesn't necessarily solve the iTunes problem, but let me have my moment, please.)


Sigivald said...

But the battery wouldn't hold a charge and I cannot workout without music.

You know, people can replace the batteries for you, or you can DIY (on many/most models).

EG here, as the first hit that came up.

Jess said...

Where did the other two comments on this post go?

Guess it serves me right to listen to people who have tried to have their batteries replaced in their iPods, only to be told it was ridiculously expensive/couldn't be done. Still I would have had to have been without it.

But now I can have two iPods. If I want to spend $60 bucks, I guess.